PUPILS at Leavening Primary School are exploring the signs of autumn as part of an outdoor project.

The school achieved Forest School status two years ago, which aims to encourage youngsters to explore their rural area.

Forest School leader Louise Peers said that in an age when many children have few opportunities to be outdoors, it offered them a way to learn and experience a broad curriculum in a woodland setting, with regular visits throughout the year.

“Forest School helps to develop confidence, self esteem, communication and social skills, as well as physical skills,” she said.

“It also promotes greater understanding and awareness of the natural environment and a positive attitude to learning along with a healthier lifestyles.”

Mrs Peers said they also had a fantastic woodland area as part of our school site and wanted to utilize this facility.

“The pupils will use tools to make resources from natural materials, build dens and take part in outdoor cooking,” she said.

“'This term in forest schools all classes are exploring the signs of autumn and how the forest school area has changed since summer."