CONCERNS have been raised over plans for a new renewable energy centre near Malton.

Knapton Green Energy is proposing to build Renewable Energy Centre on a 10-acre site at Knapton landfill site.

The centre, which is being developed by Tetragen Group, NCG Estates and local waste management company, F D Todd & Sons will use Advanced Thermal Treatment (ATT) technology to create green energy from non-recyclable waste (biomass).

Derek Watson, whose family owns Cundalls in Malton and also farm at West Knapton and runs Wolds Way Caravan and Camping near the village, said he was very concerned about the plans.

"After investing towards £750,000 in developing my caravan site, which brings in a large spend to Ryedale, there are now plans to build a large 200 x 100 x70 feet high building with 100ft high stack to produce syngas and supply electricity to the grid.

"This massive building will stand out on the hill side and be a large blot on the landscape which is part of the Yorkshire Wolds. It will be just below my home, my caravan site and any discharge and noise will have a major impact on my caravan and camping site. I do fear we will see a loss of much business if the planning is passed to the extent we may have to close."

Darrell Smith, from Knapton Green Energy, said: “Following our public consultation activities, we have received a very positive response to our proposals with 94 per cent of consultees expressing strong support, welcoming the fact that we will use non-recyclable commercial waste such as paper, card and wood which is currently landfilled or used in similar facilities abroad, to good use; providing a safe, clean and secure supply of electricity for around 16,000 homes.

"The proposed facility is adjacent to the existing landfill site, which is set to close next year. Subject to planning, the green energy facility could be operational in 2018 helping to safeguard local jobs and create about 30 skilled jobs for the local area as well.

"This would be a high quality development designed with a colour palette that blends with the landscape and a curved roof, which will be no higher than the height of two standard houses. It will sit well alongside the existing woodland and we are proposing a new landscaping scheme as well which further protects views of the site.

“This is a sustainable, proven and very environmentally friendly way of delivering our power, producing less emissions than two lorries ticking over. In fact there are very few downsides to this proposal, traffic numbers will reduce, the landfill will be restored, there will be no odours, green energy will be produced, skilled jobs will be created and a major investment will be made into Ryedale’s future. We look forward to continuing to engage with our neighbours in the coming weeks.”