PLANS for hundreds of new homes along with a link road and provision for a school in Norton have been unveiled.

Developers Taylor Wimpey and Barratt Homes have presented a masterplan to Ryedale District Council for a scheme of about 550 houses in Beverley Road.

A revised application by Gladman Developments for 85 properties in Langton Road has also been submitted after an original scheme was rejected last year.

Members of Norton Town Council have welcomed the Beverley Road development saying it will bring a number of benefits to the area. However, they have recommended refusal of the Gladman application on the grounds of increased traffic congestion.

Councillor Di Keal said: "The town council has had meetings with the developers who are looking to build on the Beverley Road site and discussed various benefits that the development will be able to provide for the town.

"The site will bring more housing to Norton and alongside this provision to build a new primary school and a contribution to a new road between Beverley Road and Scarborough Road, which will significantly decrease congestion in Norton, especially in Mill Street. The council has also discussed the need to mitigate against flooding in Norton with the developers.

"In comparison, the Langton Road site, because of its situation, looks likely to increase traffic congestion. With the temporary siting of Norton Primary School at Brooklyn, on top of traffic from Norton College, plus more closures at the railway crossing in Norton when the train service increases, this already congested road can only get busier. Add to this a further large number of cars from a new estate and it is a recipe total traffic chaos."

Norton mayor Ray King said: "The important issue is to ensure that we get the through road at the outset to ensure we have the community ‘on our side’ and they see the benefit of this development.

"It will definitely assist with reducing traffic through town which can only be viewed as a positive. Schooling will also help, but I firmly believe we also need to see another doctors' surgery. Opticians, dental surgery would also be well received by the community. Why must people always travel to Malton? These would all have a captive audience right on their doorstep.

"Beverley Road must rate a better proposition than the vast expanse of Langton Road etc. Let’s also hope the Gladman application is rejected."

A spokesman for Taylor Wimpey said: “We’re thrilled to announce that our plans for Beverley Road are progressing well and our updated masterplans for the development were presented to Ryedale District Council a few weeks ago.

“We will be developing the scheme alongside Barratt Homes, and are hoping to bring approximately 500 to 550 new homes to the region.

“Our plans include a link road from Beverley Road to Hugden Way, which we’re confident will help to reduce traffic in Malton and Norton, to have a positive impact on the residents of these two areas.

“In line with the scheme, we will also be making significant investments into the local community, and creating a number of employment opportunities.”