PROTESTORS took their campaign against fracking to their MP ahead of a meeting with companies from the industry.

The campaigners gathered outside Ryedale MP Kevin Hollinrake's surgery in Thirsk claiming he is ignoring the views of his constituents.

They also argued people are opposed to his decision to hold a producers summit with fracking firms INEOS, Cuadrilla, Third Energy and iGas on February 8 to ensure the gas extraction method would be done in a balanced and measured way in the area.

A public consultation over whether or not to give environmental consent toThird Energy’s plan to hydraulically fracture underground at Kirby Misperton is currently underway after being extended again by North Yorkshire County Council.

Malton resident and anti-fracking campaigner Ian Conlan said they believed the MP had abandoned his earlier demands that fracking will not take place close to people's homes under pressure from the industry and the chancellor, George Osbourne.

"Even though Kevin Hollinrake has resigned from the All Party Parliamentary Group on unconventional oil and gas, as a result of learning that it was funded by the industry, he has continued to promote those same companies interests," he said.

“In September when Kevin Hollinrake was asked in an interview if he would buy a house 400 metres from a fracking site, he said he would like to see fracking wells more than a mile from homes.

“Yet the site Third Energy want to frack in Ryedale is just 400 metres from the nearest house, and just half a mile from both the village of Kirby Misperton and by far the biggest local tourist attraction, Flamingo Land.

“We want to know why our MP is promoting the idea of fracking in Ryedale which will ruin the area for generations to come, instead of opposing this application which is so close to people's homes."

District councillor Di Keal, a member of FrackFree Malton and Norton, said: "It has become increasingly obvious in recent weeks that Kevin Hollinrake has stopped pretending that he will fight to protect his constituency and the people that live here from the nightmare of fracking."

Mr Hollinrake said he was very happy to have a reasoned debate and supported anyone's right to peaceful protest.

He said: "However, it is unacceptable when protestors resort to misrepresentation of my comments and mischievous accusations of corruption. Those against fracking do not speak for the entire constituency and should respect other views."