RESIDENTS in Ryedale are 36 per cent more likely to die of a heart disease than those in neighbouring Hambleton.

That is one of the findings from figures for 2014 released by the British Heart Foundation.

The data, which life insurance provider British Seniors has used to produce an interactive map, shows there were 346.5 deaths from heart disease per 100,000 people in Ryedale last year.

In Hambleton, that figure was 254.5 in 2014.

Scarborough was North Yorkshire’s worst performing district with 385.4 deaths per 100,000, with Middlesbrough (327.4), East Riding (307.9), York (299.1) and Redcar and Cleveland (292.0) completing the regional picture.

Dr Clive Diggory, senior partner at Derwent Practice in Norton, said his Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) was “concerned” about the statistics.

But he stressed: “Although it places Ryedale in the unenviable position of being in the top (worse) third of the table nationally, it has to be viewed with some caution in that the death rate is per 100,000 and the population of Ryedale is around 51,700 and so the number of recorded apparent excess deaths from cardiovascular disease may simply be a vagary of statistics.

“Although the prevalence of smoking in Ryedale is average, we are clearly at the vanguard of the national epidemic of obesity in this area.

“We have very high rates of childhood obesity which unfortunately will work through to the detriment of our position in the national rankings.

“I believe the general population now understand that obesity is linked with diabetes, heart disease and premature death.

“We fear that unless social education and medical avenues are explored to tackle this pernicious problem we shall remain in the top third of the National Cardiovascular Mortality Table.”

British Seniors, a life insurance provider for over 50s, has created an interactive map charting the areas of the UK worst-affected by heart disease.

The map reveals residents in Scotland, the north of England and parts of Wales are more likely to suffer from heart disease than those in the south.

It also includes recipes for six of the UK’s favourite dishes, revamped by nutritionist and personal trainer Harry Ranson, to reduce levels of fat, salt and calories without sacrificing taste or presentation.

To view the map, click here.