A TECHNIAN who travelled to Sierra Leone to teach mechanics is preparing to embark on another trip.

Nick Gordge, who works at Malton Coachworks Garage Services, has recently returned from a two-week trip where he was teaching young adults working with the charity A Call to Business.

Despite only being back for a short time, Nick, 46, will head back to Sierra Leone this month to continue with the progress he has made.

During his first trip, Nick helped to maintain machines and vehicles, as well as teach students and young adults the basics of mechanics.

Nick also spent time in an orphanage, as well as repairing brick machines, concrete mixers and rewiring generators.

He said: “Rather than let the staff watch me carry out the work, I tried to stand back and supervise and support them through the process. I was very aware that we had a lot to do and not long to do it.”

The trip also helped identify what equipment would be needed in the workshops to train staff and plan future support. Malton Coachworks is now exploring the possibility of sponsoring a garage in Sierra Leone with the help of the charity.

The charity was founded 15 years ago by Paul Szkiler, who is the brother of the director of the Coachworks Company, James Szkiler. It aims to change mind-sets in challenging cultures through social impact investment work.

Nick said: “I am extremely impressed with the work ethic of the people I met in Sierra Leone. The people I met really valued my help. I didn’t think my visit would make that much difference, but it did.

“I would have been happy to have helped change the life of one person, but I really felt that during one short visit I have helped make a difference to many lives. I can’t wait to return.”