ANTI-fracking campaigners have revealed a letter from North Yorkshire County Council (NYCC) raising concerns over the application to frack in Kirby Misperton.

The nine-page letter, which has been obtained by Frack Free North Yorkshire via a Freedom of Information Request, catalogues numerous reasons as to why the application form, submitted by Third Energy in May could not be validated.

These include details of the production stage, information on how the site would be restored and the chemicals included in the frack or their concentrations.

There are no details of a noise monitoring scheme or the number of people who would be working on the site.

Ordnance Survey maps used for the Site Plan were found to be out of date, and did not include a caravan and camping park that is 400m from the site, neither was there acknowledgement of the transient population visiting Flamingo Land.

The letter also reveals that NYCC has also extended the period for people to comment on the application from 21 days to five weeks in light of the "significant public interest".

Sue Gough, who lives in Little Barugh, said: "We are simply astonished by this letter. Third Energy has been claiming for weeks that the application wasn't validated for purely administrative reasons, such as the mis-spelling of a road name and an incorrect email address. Now we have seen the NYCC letter, we can see that this is completely untrue, and that the NYCC's criticisms cut to the very heart of the application."

Joanne Bartlett, who lives in Kirby Misperton, said: "If Third Energy can't even do the paperwork properly, it is hard to see how local residents can have any confidence in allowing the company to start fracking on their doorstep."

Chris Redston, of Frack Free Ryedale, said: "The NYCC planning officers have done a very thorough job in identifying the numerous errors and omissions in this application, and were very critical of the quality of the submission in many respects – in particular the complete lack of information on a number of areas that are of major concern to the public."

Russell Scott, of Frack Free North Yorkshire, said: "This botched application, and the NYCC's analysis of its glaring shortcomings, makes one thing very clear. Third Energy are simply not fit to frack."

A spokesperson for Third Energy said they welcomed the publication of the letter from NYCC regarding the planning application at Kirby Misperton.

"Frack Free Ryedale’s mischievous claims are largely a result of them failing to understand the planning process and speculating on a planning application they have not actually read.

"Having supplied the information in the normal manner, the council has asked Third Energy to change the format, bringing forward elements from the appendices to the main planning statement, as they are within their rights to do. This information was not “missing”, simply supplied in a different part of the application."

They added: "Third Energy has addressed all these issues in a new planning application which it has now submitted to NYCC.

"Any question over our competency can be answered by our 20 years of safe operations including planning, drilling and production – a factor recognised by the growing number of people showing support for the local industry."