CONGRATULATIONS to our Year 8 netball team, who have completed a clean sweep of tournament victories for Ryedale School this year. 

The Year 8 Netball Partnership Tournament was held on March 5 at Malton. We took an A and B team (A team came first and B team came fourth).

The B team had an impressive win against Eskdale 10-0. The A team won all of their matches; overall they scored 79 goals, thanks to Abi Smith (GA) and Rosie Preston (GS), and only conceded six, with strong defence, the ball was hardly in our defending third. 

The A team beat Eskdale 31-0, Malton 19-1, Lady Lumley’s 16-2 and the Ryedale B team 13-3. 


Building relations

SINCE January, a group of Year 7 English students have been in collaboration with Dixons Academy, a high-performing multi-cultural school in Bradford.

The students set out with the aims of developing:

* Their knowledge and understanding of identity/identities, diversity, equality and diversity;

* Skills of enquiry, critical thinking, reflection and communication to develop trust, empathy, awareness and respect;

* Opportunities for them to meet, build new relationships, work together and contribute to the wider community.

Before meeting for the first time each student was paired with a pupil from Dixons. Their first task was to write a short letter about their background, school, family and interests.

After receiving each other’s letters students met at Nell Bank in Ilkley. It was a fantastic day where students were able to gain increased respect for others, self-confidence and key social skills.

Our second meeting was a trip to Dixons Academy.

Staff and pupils at Dixons made our students feel very welcome and a great day was had by all.

For the final meeting Dixons students visited Ryedale School. The task for the day was an art and design challenge. Based on their original storyboards students had to create masks and props for their plays which were to be performed at the end of the day.