Robert Goodwill, of the Conservative Party, was elected as Member of Parliament for the Scarborough and Whitby Constituency, retaining the seat he won in the 2005 and 2010 election.

The count took place through the night in the Grand Hall at Scarborough Spa, and the result was announced just before 5.25am on Friday.

The number of votes for each of the six candidates were: Michael Beckett, Liberal Democrats 2,159 (4.52 per cent); Juliet Boddington Alliance for Green Socialism: Save NHS 207 (0.43 per cent); Sam Cross UK Independence Party (UKIP) 8,162 (17.10 per cent); Robert Goodwill The Conservative Party 20,613 (43.18 per cent); David Hugh Malone Green Party 2,185 (4.58 per cent); Ian Alistair McInnes Labour Party 14,413 (30.19 per cent).

The turnout for the constituency was 65.19 per cent.