Councillor Joy Andrews, Pickering mayor, is leading the welcome to the Tour de Yorkshire on behalf of the town.

On Friday, the riders are due to race into Pickering shortly after 1.30pm, along the A170 through Eastgate to Wesgate, before carrying on their 170km journey up the coast.

Coun Andrews said: “Pickering has one of the two sprint stages in the race, so make sure not to turn your back for a moment as these riders race for glory through our town.”

Pickering in Business along with others in the town have been busy organising events in the Market Place, so everyone can celebrate the event. The Market Place will be closed to traffic from noon and there will be musical entertainment and stalls. Beck Isle Museum will host an exhibition of cycling and at the top of the Market Place there will be a large TV screen, so people can follow the race live.

Coun Andrews said: “We are also hoping to get a Shoretrax system set up in the Market Place and for those of you like me who me who have never heard of one before, it’s a mountain bike track system.

“All the schools are allowing pupils to come to and spectate along the route just after lunch, but it would be fantastic to see everyone after school to come with their parents and friends to have a picnic while watching the race on the big screen – a picnic in Pickering. Bring your own food or pop into one of our businesses for your refreshments and let’s get a real party atmosphere going.”

Watch out too in Westgate where Pickering Rotarians will be showing off their pirate ship.

Coun Andrews said: “Let’s give these riders a fantastic Pickering welcome and enjoy the day.”