PEOPLE are being asked for their views on how Norton library should be used to help secure its future.

A steering group has been established to help transform the library in Commercial Street into a community “hub” ahead of financial cuts from North Yorkshire County Council.

County and district councillor Elizabeth Shields said people with a variety of backgrounds and expertise were involved.

“We have a small group of community members who are working hard to develop a plan for the future,” she said.

“We had a very positive meeting last week and now need to find out from local people their thoughts and ideas for the potential development of Norton library,” she said.

Councillor Shields said they had put together a questionnaire asking residents what other activities they would like to see the library used for including courses, clubs, a café and community information centre.

“We are also asking for indications of how people could support and develop the library by becoming a volunteer or using it on a regular basis.”

Coun Shields said help and guidance was being provided by members of the county’s library staff, and she was also planning to visit other community libraries in the county to see how they operated.

“Norton is certainly going to be on the map and we are now at more of a level playing field with the rest of the county’s libraries who also want to become a community hub,” she said.

“The help we have received is fantastic and we can now look at making a positive application to the county council to retain the library and develop it.”

Questionnaires are available from Norton library and should be returned there after completion.