DISTRICT and county councillor Lindsay Burr has resigned from the Liberal Democrat Party.

Coun Burr, who has been a member of the Lib Dems for more than 20 years, tendered her resignation on Monday.

She said: “I feel the party has somewhat lost its true direction and my values are no longer aligned to the party. I am particularly against fracking and in the light that Nick Clegg, the deputy prime minister, is supporting fracking, my position has become untenable, as a matter of principle. I will still serve on the district and county council as an Independent councillor for as long as the electorate wish me to.

“To set the record straight, that I may stand for the up-and-coming General Election, I can confirm this is not the case.

“I have indeed been approached by many, many residents who would support me, however while I am very flattered by this suggestion I will remain a local councillor serving the people of Ryedale.

“My main focus will be to take politics out of local government, which is, in my opinion, severely hindering local democracy.”

Councillor Shane Collinson, who represents Ryedale South West on the district council is also understood to have resigned from the Conservative group.

He was unavailable for comment.