A PICKERING café will be able to serve up even more tasty treats thanks to a £700 grant.

Mr Wilf’s Café, in Vivis Lane, has been able to buy a brand new state-of-the-art food mixer thanks to the donation from the Yorkshire Society’s Charitable Foundation.

Sam Massey, Senior Support Worker at Mr Wilf's Cafe, said: “We really appreciate the support and kind generosity from Yorkshire Building Society’s Charitable Foundation.

" As a charity, this money has made a massive difference and will allow our trainees to learn vital skills required in the catering industry."

The food mixer was bought from catering equipment firm Russums and thanks to a generous discount Mr Wilf’s Café was able to spend the remainder of the donation on having their aprons embroidered.

Amanda Haigh, customer representative at the Yorkshire’s Pickering branch, said: “Mr Wilf’s Café is a wonderful organisation and I’m so pleased the Charitable Foundation, which is funded by the Society’s Small Change, Big Difference scheme, has been able to help out.

“It is a beautiful café – absolutely immaculate and all the food looks superb. I hope everyone in Pickering and the surrounding area pays it a visit to see for themselves.”

The café is run by The Wilf Ward Family Trust which also provides a range of supported living accommodation and residential care services as well as specialist holiday accommodation across Yorkshire and Humber.

Paul McCay, chief executive, said: “We are very pleased to work in partnership with businesses such as Yorkshire Building Society who recognise and contribute to help teach our trainees who have a disability how to safely use electric appliances for catering purposes.

“If you have ever been to Mr Wilf's Cafe in Pickering and tasted the fantastic food, you'll know what a great job the trainees do."