PUPILS at Norton Primary School were inspired to take part in a range of creative activities as part of 'Everybody Writes Day'.

Each class chose a book relating to the theme of Journey Around the World and used it to inspire their writing.

The activities ranged from writing with chalk on the playground, acting out parts of stories or plays and writing descriptions.

Deputy headteacher Madeline Griffin said a particular highlight had been the parent's activity.

"Parents were asked to write a postcard of their favourite experience abroad or from another culture - the responses were overwhelming and such an inspiration to the children," she added.

" It was amazing to see all of the exciting adventures our parents had experienced such as building a school in Kenya or climbing Mount Merapi which linked to ‘The Firework Maker's Daughter Year 6 had been reading in class."

Miss Griffin said that the postcards had been displayed in school and were a talking point for all of the pupils.

"The children had a fantastic time during Everybody Writes Day."