RYEDALE MP Anne McIntosh has said she is not supporting a new Government Bill on hydraulic fracturing.

Ms McIntosh told the Gazette & Herald that she would be speaking on the Infrastructure Bill, due to be heard in the House of Commons this week, and would aim to persuade the Government to "adopt certain amendments" during its course through the House of Commons, or table amendments to it.

Last month Third Energy UK Gas Limited (Third Energy), revealed it is applying for permission to hydraulically fracture the KM8 well at Kirby Misperton.

Ms McIntosh said: "The Conservative Party recognises climate change and global warming and says we should not be relying on fossil fuels as they contribute to global warming.

"Shale gas is a fossil fuel and I believe we should not be looking to use it. In preference, I would generate energy from waste using our residual household waste and allow local communities to benefit from distance warming through cheap heating and hot water."

Ms McIntosh added: "At present our residual household waste is transported and sold to Holland where they do precisely that.

"The use of water and the addition of chemicals and other contaminants to that water is perhaps the most worrying part o fthe fracking process, apart from the fact that it causes a seismic tremor of up to 0.5 per cent. The water is to be transported either by lorry or underground pipes."

Ms McIntosh said she was concerned about chemicals being added to water supplies and the removal of property rights of individual property and land owners.

Meanwhile, Frack Free Ryedale are making a formal complaint to the Advertising Standards Authority about the residents' brochure produced by Third Energy.

The brochure was recently sent to residents who live near the KM8 well in Kirby Misperton, where the company are planning to apply for permission to frack.

A spokesman for Frack Free Ryedale said, "We believe that some sections of the Residents’ Brochure are both inaccurate and misleading, and severely underplay the risks that fracking poses to the water supply, the environment and local communities. Furthermore, we believe that the brochure does not give a clear picture of the company’s long-term plans to frack in Ryedale and carefully avoids discussing what life would be like for residents if the well-site went into full production."

A Third Energy spokesman said: “Having operated in the area for many years, we know the importance of being a good neighbour."

"We want to be as transparent as possible about our current plans and the first step was to provide an overview of our proposed project."

“We are confident that the information in our literature is accurate and is available to provide full briefings to interested organisations”