THIRD energy UK Gas Limited (Third Energy), the gas development and production company, has revealed exclusively to the Gazette & Herald today that it is applying for permission to hydraulically fracture the KM8 well at Kirby Misperton.

Third Energy drilled the KM8 well, in its Kirby Misperton gas field, during 2013 and samples were taken at several different depths to assess the hydrocarbon potential.

Analysis of the gas bearing zones in the deeper Bowland section concluded that they should be appraised further. To assess the commercial potential, hydraulic fracturing will be used to stimulate gas flow from these inter-bedded sandstone and shale sections.

Third Energy said it will consult widely with the community and all relevant regulators during the planning and permitting phase.

The first consultation will identify areas of potential environmental impact for the Environmental Risk Assessment for the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC).

This will be followed by wider public consultation on the project, prior to submitting the planning application.

Rasik Valand, chief executive of Third Energy, said: “our analysis indicates that there could be a significant new gas reservoir in our North Yorkshire licence area. Having operated in that area for many years, we know the importance of being a good neighbour and we will work in partnership with the local community to develop this opportunity.

“As the project involves hydraulic fracturing, the community would receive the pre-agreed community benefit of £100,000, once operations start.”

Hydraulic fracturing is a technique used to stimulate oil or gas flow from reservoirs that have insufficient permeability for the oil and gas to flow at economic rates without stimulation.

Paul Gammon, of Pickering, said: “I don’t think they should be allowed to do it until they have provided proof that there is not going to be any damage to our water supply.

“This is thousands of people’s lives we are talking about and that is one of my main concerns.

“The possible damage that this could do is frightening. It will damage tourism as well, people will not want to come here.”

Chris Redston, of Frack Free Ryedale, said: “We are shocked to hear that Third Energy is applying for permission to frack at Kirby Misperton, and of course our organisation will do everything we possibly can to prevent this from happening. No amount of bribes to the local council could even begin to compensate for the damage fracking will do to Ryedale and its reputation as a top tourist destination and food producing area.

“If Third Energy is really interested in being a 'good neighbour', they would withdraw their intention to apply for a fracking licence immediately, so that the people of Ryedale are not subjected to the highly damaging and unavoidable consequences of fracking, such as noise, light and air pollution, a huge increase in HGV traffic, and possible contamination of land and our local water supplies. We urge the whole of Ryedale to come together to fight any application to frack our community.”

Russell Scott, of Frack Free North Yorkshire said: “We are deeply concerned by Third Energy's plans to apply for permission to start Fracking in Ryedale. This new industry is untested in the UK and we do not accept that the people of Ryedale should be treated as guinea pigs so that a few individuals can profit at the expense of our communities.

"It is a fact that where ever fracking has taken place in the USA and Australia there has been a massive increase in complaints regarding drinking water contamination, air pollution, road congestion, earthquakes and increased crime rates furthermore we believe that Fracking will have a direct impact on existing successful industries such as tourism and Farming.

“Fracking wells dry up very quickly therefore in order for Third energy to extract enough gas they will need to be constantly drilling more and more wells all within close proximity thus leading to the industrialisation of Ryedale. Case studies in the USA and Australia have proven that potentially hundreds of wells will be needed to make this process viable. This is simply not accpeptable and the risks to our health and environment are too high!

“We will continue to campaign strongly for this process to banned in North Yorkshire and will urge the council to protect its residents and reject any future applications from Third Energy.

“We do not accept the £100,000 bribe and will fight on until Fracking is banned in North Yorkshire.”

Mike Potter, of Pickering, said: “I have grave worries about this. I want evidence to say what they are going to do differently than the nightmare scenario we have seen happening elsewhere.

“There is a significant risk to the pollution of water and when it comes down to the risk of polluting water it can make a whole area uninhabitable.”


• RYEDALE MP Anne McIntosh said she would be meeting Third Energy later this week to discuss the application in detail and called for a full environmental impact assessment to be made.

Miss McIntosh, Chair of the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Select Committee said: "There will be concern at the environment implications from this development at Kirby Misperton. At the very least, I am calling for a full environmental impact assessment to be undertaken and the details and conclusions of it to be published.

“Local residents will want to know where the huge amounts of water required will come from and how the contaminated water will be disposed of.”

Miss McIntosh added: "People really will not look kindly on companies coming into Ryedale with their shaft sinkers and traffic movements to hydraulically frack at depth; potentially impacting upon tourism, leaving a legacy of spoilt landscape and ruining the countryside forever.

“I am at a loss to understand how Third Energy have suddenly developed the technology, when they gave me an assurance within the last year that they themselves neither had the technology nor any intention of hydraulically fracking at depth anywhere in Ryedale.

She said: “I am meeting the company later this week to discuss this in more detail.”