SHE may not be your usual pet but baby Jasmine is causing quite a stir at her home in Ryedale.

The little alpaca was born two weeks ago at owner Mag Worcester’s smallholding near Wintringham.

Mag, who has four adult alpacas, along with a selection of Boar goats, sheep and miniature Shetlands, said she was delighted with the new arrival.

“I decided to get the alpacas as they make such good guard dogs and are also useful for chasing away foxes so it was an added bonus when I found out one of them was expecting,” she said.

Mag said that within an hour of being born Jasmine was up and running about.

“She is a typical baby, full of curiosity and into everything,” she added.

“Alpacas make such good pets as they are gentle animals – I’m delighted with her.”