THE Goethe-Institut London presents the German rapper Chefket bringing his new tour back to the UK with a stop at the Whitby Pavilion on January 30.

Born in Heidenheim in Germany Chefket moved to Berlin in 2006. He has released three studio albums and is known throughout Europe for his rap and soul music.

The concert, directed at teenagers and young adults will give the opportunity to learn about German culture and language through music.

The successful format of the music tour introduces young people to German music and promotes the learning of a foreign language.

Chefket´s songs engage young people with issues such as everyday school life, first love and their future; his songs also focus on German society and culture.

The concert is offered free of charge to secondary schools and university students.

For further information contact the Whitby Pavilion on 01723 357859 or go to