THE YORKSHIRE- Based feature film ‘Last Laugh’ will premiere at Whitby Pavilion in the new year

Written by BAFTA winner John Godber,he film set mainly in Whitby stars Nick Figgis as college lecturer Martin Dowson hoping to escape from obscurity by having a screenplay made into a film.

As well as relationships and overbearing parents, we witness his eventual breakdown during a cathartic rant on an open mic spot at a local comedy club in front of a packed house.

During the performance, we see flash backs to a memorable trip to Whitby with all the pathos and comic talent you could expect from Godber as our hero endures on an insane weekend with his parents.

Directed by Award Winning Daniel Coll, Last Laugh is a universal story that resonates with most people illustrating the sometimes confusing and conflicted nature of love of all kinds.

Director Daniel Coll said of the premiere: “We filmed a huge part of the film in locations such as Whitby, Scarborough and North Yorkshire”.

“Whitby opened its arms; it is easiest place to film without a doubt. The local council and tourism board were just brilliant. The locations we’re fabulous and just made filming such a pleasure”.

“Someone saw the film recently and mentioned how stunning the Yorkshire backdrop was. This is what we are about, bringing film to Yorkshire – it can be such a boost for the local economy and really drive tourism”.

“At the moment we are planninga detective series in York, We’re hoping to get back to filming in Whitby and working on more films with John Godber in Yorkshire”.

Tickets for Last Laugh’s premiere on Saturday, January 27.are on sale from just £5.

They are available from The Pavilion’s Box Office (01947) 458899 and via