Scarborough Spa Orchestra will once again be taking part in the annual New Year’s Day concert.

At the end of the summer season, the members of the Spa Orchestra leave Scarborough to play in the UK’s major orchestras in London, Glasgow, Manchester and Leeds. But the magnet of the Spa and an audience of over a thousand is too great to resist, and they will all return to the Grand Hall to join Director Paul Laidlaw for this great musical celebration of the New Year.

In a tradition which began in Vienna itself, many orchestras throughout the world will be playing the great tunes of the Strauss family and friends, and the Spa Orchestra is proud to be a part of this world-wide event.

The Scarborough audience can expect to enjoy some of the great waltzes of Vienna, including, of course, the ever-popular Blue Danube. Lively polkas such as Thunder and Lightning will keep the orchestra and audience alike on their toes.

Vienna’s other great musical son Franz Lehar will be represented by his Gold and Silver Waltz and a selection of the evergreen tunes from The Merry Widow. A surprise item has been added to the programme in a new arrangement by Paul Laidlaw.a.

The concert begins at 3pm, and tickets, are available from or via the Scarborough Spa Box Office on 01723 821888.