ONE of the greatest fictional sleuth of all time springs back to life in a high-energy one-man show, featuring dashing heroes, villainous rogues and vintage thrills at the Milton Rooms in Malton on Sunday, November 26.

“The Singular Exploits of Sherlock Holmes” has the great detective recounting highlights of his crime-busting career, with autobiographical snippets detailing his life and times, the adversaries he has faced and mysteries he has solved.

Writer and Artistic Director Jonathan Goodwin enthrals the audience in the role of the formidable detective at 221B Baker Street, but also deftly switches costumes and characters to introduce some of Holmes’s greatest foes.

Presented by the aptly named Don’t Go into the Cellar! theatre company, this is good old-fashioned story-telling, aided and abetted by some modern-day theatrical effects that are guaranteed to bring a shiver to the spine and a smile to the face.

Tickets, priced £10, are available online at or from the box office in Malton, telephone 01653 696240.