ONE of Oscar Wilde’s most scathingly funny social satires takes centre stage at the Milton Rooms on Tuesday, November 21.

Awash with some of his most famous lines like: “I can resist anything, except temptation”, “Lady Windermere’s Fan” tears apart the intricacies of etiquette and flips expectation rump-over-head.

Theatrical Niche presents the story of a mysterious new beauty, Mrs Erlynne, played by Alice Knapton, who sends society’s elite crowd into a frenzy. And with her arrival comes a whirlwind of secrets and deception.

Dismayed to discover her own husband is caught up in the rumours, can young Lady Windermere keep him in line, or will she end up fanning the very fires she is trying so hard to put out?

Pamela Schermann directs the Theatrical Niche team for the first time in this high speed, riotous work, following rave reviews for her previous Wilde productions.

The play has been newly adapted by Theatrical Niches’s Director, Venetia Twigg, who also stars as

the leading lady, charming audiences as the troubled Lady Windermere, in a successful modern mix of humour, charisma and darkness.

Tickets, priced £12, are available online at or from the box office in Malton (telephone 01653 696240). The show is suitable for ages 12 plus.