ARTISTS from the UK and The Netherlands are showcasing their experimentations of form and content in a new exhibition.

"A Vision of Dimensions" at the Kunsthuis Gallery, Crayke, includes work by a painter, glass artist, sculptor and ceramicist.

The exhibition includes a select group of Dutch artists alongside a British artist who are producing unique pieces of work.

Celebrating her first exhibition in the UK, Dutch glass artist Ingrid Capozzi's glass fusions create unique wall objects that captivate the viewer by using the fused glass as a window to underlying layers. The closer you get to the object, the more details are visible.

She said: “Glass fusing gives me the opportunity to create unique wall objects. I aim to capture the audience by using the fused glass as a transparent overlay to underlying layers. The closer one looks, the more detail one sees. The glass itself plays with lines, colour and displays air pockets and bubbles. Behind the glass are other elements, more or less apparent. These are carefully put together using paint, textiles, wool and paper.”

York-based sculptor Richard Mackness has always had twin interests in natural forms and man-made objects and features throughout the gallery and ecological gardens.

Now based back in York after having lived in New York and London for some time, Richard's creative practice also includes commercial projects and design created from his sculpture studio at his company Urbis Design. He has shown his sculptures extensively around the UK, in Europe and the USA, including at the Whitechapel Gallery London, Aldeburgh Festival, Ikon Gallery Birmingham, Lehmbruck museum Duisburg and the Yorkshire Sculpture Park.

Dutch painter Audrey Erbany transfers emotion into colour and environment with a rich pallet and tactile use of materials. Her work has expressionistic and impressionistic influence and possesses a purity and tranquility whilst beckoning involvement from the viewer.

In addition, Dutch ceramicist Neeltje de Vries explores figurative characters that are abstract, semi-representational and incredibly imaginative.

Sculptor Amy Daniels graduated in 2008 from Manchester Metropolitan University. Here the artist specialised in the use of ceramics and glaze which has been involved in the development of her practice since.

The Dutch house art cafe's current exhibition features work by public artist and painter Steve Tomlinson. The artist's swimmer series came about as a result of researching an intended series of works loosely titled "profile elegance" and a public sculpture that the artist was developing where a figure was being created from similar sized pieces. Steve became also very interested in pointillism, so the unintended combination of these interests resulted in the collection of work exhibited.

The exhibition runs until July 10 at Kunsthuis Contemporary Art Gallery, Dutch House, Mill Green Farm, Crayke.

Kunsthuis is open Wednesday to Sunday, from 10am to 5pm. For more information phone 07495270007 or go to