ARTIST Sally Lister's current series of paintings explore the physicality of paint through various processes such as dripping, pouring, staining, texturing, masking and building.

The artist aims to emphasise different elements in different outcomes such as fluidity, luminosity, density, opacity and translucency.

This autumn, Kunsthuis art gallery, in Crayke, welcomes Sally to exhibit a collection of abstract and expressionistic work in response to the way she feels physically and emotionally, not only about the landscape, but also about the colours and shapes experienced all around us.

Sally prefers a more ambiguous picture plane or surface so that her paintings allow the viewer to project their own experience allowing them to react purely on a sensory level.

She said: “I hope to create spatial relationships with optical suggestions by creating certain lines and colours which complement each other, intermingle and interplay.

"Colour has always been a major inspiration and it is this overlapping of colour planes which suggests a feeling of space, monumentality and elegance.”

Another newcomer to the gallery is textile and fibre artist Valérie Wartelle.

Based in West Yorkshire, Valérie works with a combination of fibres, threads, textiles and print elements to create felt wall pieces with a contemporary and refined feel.

Her work reflects perception of the land and sky around us, as it breathes ever-changing colours and moods.

The artist seeks inspiration mainly from the Yorkshire landscape and her travels further afield, taking photographs as she goes.

Valerie said: “My felt pieces seek coalescence between simplicity and detail, the temporal and the intangible to create ephemeral moments and moods yet ones that still feel familiar – an invitation to amble into our own serenity.”

The gallery is also showcasing work by ceramicist Penny Cooper, who creates playful, tactile objects. Some of the objects created perform a function, some however tell a story.

The stories Penny seeks to tell draw inspiration from memories - of colour, texture, events and landscapes remembered, and the emotions connected to them.

Finally, Kunsthuis welcomes Alison Thompson to exhibit work in its art cafe. Despite taking early retirement from the NHS in order to reignite her interests in art, Ali's practise is still greatly influenced from her midwifery and neonatal background.

Until recently Ali's paintings represented new life figuratively. However, this recent body of work demonstrates an exciting sense of abstraction exploring not only human development, but also organic and plant cells.

An open demonstration afternoon will take place on Saturday, September 12, from 1pm to 4pm

Exhibiting artist Valérie Wartelle and ceramicist Penny Cooper will give insightful demonstrations and talk about the process of their work and practice. There will also be the opportunity to meet the other exhibitors and explore the ecological garden.

The exhibition runs from Friday to October 11.

Kunsthuis is open Wednesday to Sunday, from 10am to 5pm. For more information, go to or phone 01347 889431.