A PICKERING artist is teaming up with the two people who inspired her career for a three-day showcase of their work. Kezy Feaster is exhibiting her work along side Sally and Brian Tozer at Pickering Memorial Hall from August 29 to September 1.

The exhibition, called Fired, Drawn, Painted, shows paintings, drawings and ceramic sculpture. All three are multi-disciplined, mixed media artists promising a wide range of work on show.

Brian and Sally of Studio Tozer, Newbridge, have been professional artists for more than 40 years, and have run projects with the local community and schools since they moved to Pickering, from Hull, in the 1980s. Ten years ago Kezy, then a pupil at Lady Lumley’s School, in Pickering, met them at one of their workshops and started attending their studio regularly.

With their support she is now a professional artist, with a successful exhibition at the Inspired By Gallery, in Danby, under her belt. Kezy said: “Brian and Sally have been huge influences in my life and I was fortunate to meet them so young. I enjoy going back into the local schools to assist with the workshops that influenced me.

“I’m really pleased to have an opportunity to show my work alongside theirs and the lead up to the exhibition has been an exciting time for us all.” For Brian and Sally, who have taken part in numerous exhibitions, this will be their first major showing in years. Sally said: “Ryedale is short of exhibition space, so artists need to make their own opportunities for their work to be seen, and to sell.

“We are particularly keen to stage our own show this year because we have made a lot of new work that has not yet been seen.”

The artists will be giving demonstrations during the exhibition, providing an insight into the creation of their work and the techniques they use.

The exhibition will be open from 10am to 6pm each day, with a preview night on August 28, from 7pm. For more details, go online at kezyfeaster.com