HAPPY New Year folks. Welcome to 2018 and I’m pleased to say we have some exciting things in store for you here in Malton.

After a flurry of openings last year which saw a new wood-fired pizzeria, new gin distillery and the UK Pastry Champion Florian Poirot set up shop in town, I am pleased to say there are even more new openings planned for 2018.

Although I can’t say exactly who is coming right now, I think I can safely say the vegan and vegetarian world will be pleased.

Something I’ve noticed in the last few years is that while Malton produces some superb sausages, pies and other meaty products, there is also a big and growing interest in vegan and vegetarian food.

I for one am a fan and although I adore a rare steak on a Friday night or some proper devilled kidneys, I also end up eating quite a bit of vegetarian food in the week.

I am confident that this new opening will satisfy all you veggies out there.

There are still some gaps in Malton when it comes to the food scene. I think a high-end fish and chip restaurant would be fab in the centre of town.

If Groovy Moo can do gelato away from the coast, then a top end chippy is a no brainer. Malton could do with a high quality smokehouse too.

I’ve seen a few in Norfolk on my travels with charming old fashioned signage, blackboards with coloured chalk writing and the smell of freshly smoked salmon and mackerel.

There is also room for some really top quality evening entertainment too.

Somebody recently pointed out that while Malton is quite busy in the day (I admit it can always be busier) it needs more to offer for the evening economy and there is no reason why the bar, restaurant and night time offering can’t be added to.

We have news of an exciting change at the Talbot. Head chef Dan Graham has sadly left the business after three brilliant years. Dan you’ve been a star.

Dan’s equally brilliant replacement is new head chef Marc Hardiman who has a passion to assemble one of the best menus in the country. We look forward to it. What is thrilling is that Marc has chosen to travel up North to Malton specifically because of all the foodie happenings in town.

There are brand new food tours planned for 2018 too - we’ve got a new boozy one called The Gin O’Clock Tour.

And lastly, although the monthly food market will take a break in January it will return earlier than usual with a new slot on Saturday, February 10. We hope you can make it.

If you have not checked out our new website yet, please do take a look at visitmalton.com