If you walk in a straight line from Malton to Flamborough you will have walked over soil which is scattered with the bones of dead men.

During the 19th century, 90 tumuli were examined on the Yorkshire Wolds and Moors, 60 of which were on the Wolds. Stone and Bronze Age relics of bone, flint, implements and weapons were numerous, as well as urns, drinking vessels, glass beads and pottery, which were also recovered.

These settlements on the Wolds were home to a race that hunted deer and wild boar through the forest, chipped away at flint to make weapons and carved away at bone.

Tumuli were opened at Acklam Wold where many interesting items were discovered. There they found handmade urns, which had been crudely decorated, some containing ashes. Perhaps the biggest find was that of a human skeleton with other burnt remains proving burial with cremation was practised.

All round the countryside near the villages of Acklam, Leavening, Birdsall, Langton and many more villages across the Wolds from the River Derwent to the sea have tumuli close by with evidence of local settlements.

More recent excavations on the Wolds revealed iron-age chariot burials, a peculiarity of the Parisii tribe and are quite rare.

All but two of the chariot burials are in East Yorkshire, where 19 have been discovered. Perhaps the one which we will remember most was the discovery of the burial of a chariot with a young woman.

More than 2,000 years ago, a strange burial ritual would have taken place at Wetwang. Amidst great ceremony a young woman and her chariot were placed in the ground. She would have been a woman of high status because remains of red coral and a mirror were buried with her, then the usual pig joints were placed near to her body. After dismantling the chariot it was placed over her.

We will never know who this person was or what her status could have been, that was her secret, which she proudly took with her to the grave.

Your route

Leave the car park at Norton by the rear exit and turn right, in a few metres at the T-junction turn right again. At the next junction bear right into Norton and soon keep straight ahead at the mini roundabout (not clearly marked on the road).

Pedal along through the main street in Norton, then at the next mini roundabout, turn right signed to Driffield and Beverley. At the next mini roundabout (again not clearly marked on the road) go left signed to Driffield and Beverley, watch out for speed humps along here.

Keep straight on at another mini roundabout, then continue along out of the town. Not far and you must turn left signed to Settrington and High Mowthorpe keeping straight ahead on this undulating road until you reach a t-junction, go right here uphill signed to North Grimston and past the old railway crossing to eventually arrive at a t-junction. Turn right here onto the B1248 signed to Malton, Birdsall and Langton then in a couple of hundred metres turn left along a narrow lane signed to Birdsall and Langton. Not far now to a t-junction, go right signed to Birdsall and Langton.

Keep straight ahead at all times still following signs for Langton, if you are cycling here in the Autumn months watch out for ‘conkers’ dropping from the trees as this road is sometimes known as conker ally! As you approach Langton village watch out for slippery corners through the tree lined road.

Admire the pretty village of Langton as you ride along and perhaps pay a visit to the fine church on the left. Take care leaving the village over the narrow bridge and soon arrive at crossroads, go left here signed to Burythorpe and Leavening, start to climb a little over the wold keeping straight ahead now following signs for Leavening and Acklam.

Enjoy the grand scenery as you cycle along especially Burythorpe church on the hilltop on your left. The road undulates and twist all the way to Leavening. At the crossroads you will see the tiny church on the right.

Keep straight ahead at these crossroads signed to Acklam and Barthorpe, this narrow road is rough in places and has plenty of ascents and descents to make it interesting for cyclists.

As you approach Acklam you will have glimpses of York Minster in the distance on a clear day. There is a steep descent and a slippery corner on the entry to Acklam Village, keep straight ahead through the village following signs for Leppington.

Watch out for a steep descent as you cycle along with continuing views towards York Minster. Quite a rough road now with potholes and slippery corners and soon you reach Leppington, at the Leppington village sign turn left signed to Malton along a country lane. At the t-junction turn right signed to Leavening and Malton.

This road can be busy at times but we don’t have far to ride along it, there are a few hills and soon you have a short hill with road signs for ‘Blind Summit’ and ‘Reduce Speed’, just over the crest of this hill is a crossroad, turn immediately left here signed to Howsham, Barton le Willows and York.

Wonderful views now across the Howardian Hills, continue along and eventually descend to a stone bridge, cross the bridge and as you ascend across the other side turn right along a single track road signed to Crambe.

This is a bumpy, twisty road but continue along over the railway crossing to soon pass by Crambe village. If you wish to visit the church turn left into the village then continue along this route.

After passing Crambe village it is not far to a crossroads, go right here signed to Kirkham Priory down a steep hill with particularly sharp bends. At the bottom of the hill watch out for the potholes at the level? crossing, cross the bridge over the River Derwent and continue along past Kirkham Abbey.

A short ascent now then turn left signed to Firby, Langton and Malton. If you are ready for some refreshment don’t take the turn but continue along a few metres to the Stone Trough Inn then return to this point to continue your journey.

Eventually you reach a junction, go left now signed to Langton and Malton, keep following signs for Langton and Malton and eventually pass through the tiny village of Eddlethorpe and to a t-junction.

Turn left here signed to Malton and Langton, continue along this sometimes busy road following signs for Malton and eventually descend into the approach road for Malton. Just before the level crossing at Norton turn right along St. Nicholas Street to return to the car park.

The Facts

Distance - 26miles/42km

Terrain - Narrow roads with a few ascents and a steep descent

Best Map - OS Landranger 100

Start/grid Ref. - Norton, GR792713

Parking - Norton car park

Refreshments - Stone Trough Inn near Kirkham Abbey