As we approach the weekend where our market town labelled ‘the food capital of the North’ celebrates food, how encouraging it is to see this government, finally, for the first time, take food security seriously.

Last week the PM hosted a ‘Farm to Fork’ summit- a phrase often associated with Malton.

We have a commitment from our government to support farming, but of course, the proof of the pudding is with actions, not words.

I am delighted that the Tenant Farmers Association have a firm seat at the table, alongside the NFU in these discussions.

Save Old Malton countryside has always had a strong message regarding food, farming and, crucially, land use. All are inextricably linked.

Muddy boots must have a seat at the boardroom table.

Those who work tirelessly on the ground to deliver our nation’s food, look after the environment and our countryside have a voice that must be heard.

Last week I was invited to deliver this key message to a local school.

Soon we will meet with the Farming Minister, alongside other tenant farmers, to talk about the challenges we face.

We are also proudly supporting the CPRE rooftop solar campaign launched this week. If we farmers are required to feed 70 million people, our views and experience matter.

Pressurising tactics of any sort do not create a long term, prosperous and sustainable future. Working together is the only way we can achieve this, something I hope we can all agree on.

Emma Sturdy, Save Old Malton Countryside