ONE of the largest UK farming schemes has launched a new logo.

Red Tractor, a scheme which covers animal welfare, food safety and environmental protection, has launched the logo to address the number of challenges that the food and farming industry face.

Drawing on its 20-year history, the new logo retains the union flag to signify that the product has been grown, reared, processed and packed in the UK.

“While it’s great news that almost 80 per cent of British shoppers recognise Red Tractor and see it positively, our research also found that people were uncertain of what sits behind the logo or its benefits,” said Jim Moseley, Red Tractor’s CEO.

“Given the great care and attention that Red Tractor and our farmers put into ensuring that the food we eat is safe and fully traceable, we owe it to our members to improve shoppers’ and diners’ understanding of the scheme.”

The launch comes as research has found that Red Tractor has a much higher level of awareness, with eight out of 10 shoppers recognising the company as assured. With more than 46,000 British farmer members, about 75 per cent of UK agricultural output is Red Tractor assured.

Membership provides a route to market to the major supermarkets and some of the UK’s largest customers – resulting in more than £14 billion of British produced food and drink carrying the logo.

“Two decades on, we are facing a new watershed moment, with the market facing huge uncertainty with the ongoing trade negotiations,” said Jim.

“At this time, it is critical that we help shoppers to clearly differentiate which food has been produced and checked to world-leading standards from farm to pack – and the simplest way to do this is to look for the Red Tractor and the tick.”

“We believe passionately that hard-pressed and time-poor Brits shouldn’t have to work hard to buy quality food they can trust, whatever their budget.”