A FARM that has diversified to provide luxury geodesic dome accommodation has made a move that will have a hugely positive impact on the wildlife of the area.

Roddy Hamilton, owner of The Private Hill, which is based on Thrussendale Farm in Acklam, has commissioned and completed a full farm Wildlife Habitat Improvement Plan.

The plan was provided by one of Yorkshire’s most eminent and respected ecologists, Richard Baines MCIEEM, and work has already started to enhance habitats and species based on the data gathered by the survey.

During the field visit, potential value to groups such as birds, mammals, amphibians and reptiles were suggested, paying particular attention to habitats and species that are protected or are of a conservation concern.

Roddy said: “We are delighted to now be in possession of full facts of the land and the impact it has on the species and their habitat.

“We have learned lots of new in-depth information and will be following up on many of the suggested actions.

He added: “Bird lovers will be delighted to know that our rough tussocky grassland is ideal for watching birds of prey hunting small mammals and we are particularly happy to know that Yorkshire’s very own county flower, the harebell, was found flowering near our domes, even in November.”

The Private Hill is now on the map for birdwatchers as a number of species inhabit the land and surround areas, including willow warblers, grey partridge, red kites and barn owls among many others – 16 in total counted during the survey.

Fauna and flora also hit high notes with wild thyme, musk thistles, rock roses and the harebell thriving on the land.

Roddy said: “A number of recommendations have been made in the report on what we can do to continue to sustain the wildlife and the habitat, which we are keenly following up on.

“As our holiday business grows, it is important to us that we show respect to the land and the species that live here all year round.”

The Private Hill opened in June last year and since has had more than 600 guests to stay at the development, which boasts luxury accommodation carrying a five- star luxury unique accommodation accolade.

Roddy said: “These visitors have boosted the economy of the local area and I am keen to build on the initial success throughout 2020.

More information is available at theprivatehill.co.uk