OUR geese are sublimely indifferent to the political upheaval that has taken place this week. And I am afraid that very shortly their awareness of any activity, political or otherwise, will have ceased. The paddock will be a quieter place and the ducks and hens delighted that they can get to the grain feeders without being bossed around by the bullying ganders and geese.

They seem alert to any attempt to throw a few tempting morsels left over from lunch, for example, to the hens. Even when the geese are out of sight round the corner of the barn, in the middle of the pond, they immediately react to my trying to sneak other poultry a treat or two. Of course, it could be the sight of two dozen hens legging it across the field to grab whatever treats are going that they spot.

But there could very soon be quite a different approach to food production, domestic and large scale if Mr Trump has his way and offers a trade deal. The EU has placed very strict regulations on food production, whereas in America food production is self-regulated. So where we as EU farmers could not grow a genetically modified crop, use hormone growth promoters on our beef cattle or apply pesticides to crops, in America, if there is no conclusive evidence to prove these practices are harmful, you can just get on with it.

The geese have always fought against any form of marshalling. Every night they need rounding up at bedtime. They are expert at dodging out of the way just when you think they have got them to the door of the hut.

Unlike the ducks. They virtually put themselves to bed each night after checking the clock. Just as the sky starts to darken you see them streaming back from the pond and, after a quick visit to the grain feeder, and making sure no geese are around to harass them, they pit pat waddle pat into their hut.

This cooperative behaviour and the fact that they are Indian runner drakes with no meat on them so that any roast dinner would be a very lean feast indeed if they were on the platter, has earned them a reprieve.

Plus, I do like to see them in the field and pond and, although since we gave the ducks in the flock to a friend and there are no lovely duck eggs to collect, their comic personas has won my heart.

Maybe if the geese had been more endearing, leaner and friendlier I would have pleaded for a reprieve for a couple. But no. Bring on the roasting tin.