IT was a perfect day for Rosedale Show at the weekend.

The agricultural show, which was first staged in 1871, was held on the Milburn Arms Field.

The show included a variety as classes of cattle, hunters, heavy horses, ponies, goats and sheep, along with assorted produce classes, the fur and feather categories, showjumping, vintage tractors, as well as fox hound and terrier shows, gundogs and terrier races.

Show chairman Sam Dring said: “After a spell of heavy rain on Friday, the weather cleared up and the day itself saw perfect show weather.

“We had a good turn-out and a busy show and it all went very well.”


Winners Cups & Trophies

Malcolm Johnson’s trophy - Champion Butcher’s Beast: Hall & Richardson

Thompson Cup - Best Calf & Handler. Judged from Winners of Classes 8 & 9: A Moon

The Sturdy Cup - Champion Mare or Gelding over 15.2: Andrea Howell

Mr Magnum Cup - Small Ridden Hunter: J Latham

Anthony Milburn Cup - Champion Ridden Hunter: Andrea Howell

Sonley Memorial Cup- Champion Retrained Racehorse: Andrea Webster

Mrs E Miller’s Cup - Ridden Coloured Pony 14.2 & under: Harriet Jeffrey

Rosedale Show Cup- Ridden Coloured Pony 14.3 & over: J Latham

Tricia Cole Trophy - Champion Ridden Coloured: J Latham

George Johnson Trophy - Champion Heavy Horse Foal: F W Richardson

James Farrow Perpetual Cup - Champion Heavy Horse: F W Richardson& Son

Jemmy Aconley Memorial Shield - Most Points in Heavy Horse Classes: F W Richardson

W Pearson Cup - Smartest Turnout: Miss A Potter

A.& A.W. Champion Cup - Ponies: Miss A Potter

Mrs Turnbull’s Cup-Ponies: Mrs S J Gospel

John Neesam Cup- Champion Ridden Pony: Mrs S J Gospel

Hawsker Stud - Best Standard Shetland Pony: Christine Jackson

Hawsker Stud - Best Miniature Shetland Pony: Christine Jackson

Brian Milburn Cup-Welsh Mountain Section A: S Smith

Oakbury Stud Trophy - Champion Mountain & Moorland: J Smith

Genesis Stud Trophy - Champion Brood Mare (Kindly donated by Steve & Julie Smith): S Smith

Treddenoch Jack The Lad Memorial Trophy - Champion Pony Foal: Miss S Crowe & Mr K Dixon

Perrett Young Cup - Best Exhibit in Pony Breeding: J Carveth

Roland Stephenson Cup - Mounted Fancy Dress: Rosie & Emmitt Barraclough

Gerald Barraclough Memorial Trophy - Swaledale Aged Ram. Best exhibit: G J & H C Allison

Ernest Metcalfe Cup - Supreme Champion Swaledale: G J & H C Allison

Rosedale & District Society Cup - Most Points. Swaledale Classes: G J & H C Allison

Carter Trophy - Swaledale Classes. Best Male & Female bred by Exhibitor: G J & H C Allison

John Rees Tankard - Best exhibit Mashams & Mules: M & B Alan

Pickering Tankard - Best exhibit. Blue Faced Leicesters: K Adams

Perpetual Cup - Most Points in Texel Classes: J Floyd

Maurice Pearson tankard - Best exhibit Local Fat Lambs: Luke Doughty

Legard Trophy - Best exhibit. Rare & Minority Breeds: S Jarvis

F. Dowson Memorial Cup - Most Points in Industrial Classes: E Wilson

Doris Mappin Cup - Embroidery Pat Taylor

Chrissie Colledge Memorial Cup- Best Soft Toy: Moira Swannick

Dolsan Cup - Patchwork: Janet Morton

James Birkmyre Cup - Best Exhibit. Embroidery & Crochet work: Sue Minns

Norman Geoffrey Smith Trophy - Most points in Archives section: Fred Husband

O’Brien Cup - Raspberry Jam: Jennifer Black

Updale Cup - Most Points. Preserves: Miss C Milledge

Gwyneth John Goblet - Wine: Jan McCusker

Mrs Dolphin’s Rose bowl - W.I. & Y.C.W. Classes: Kathleen Seddon

Sloots Cup-Art: Linda Blackburne

Bill Church Plaque - Handwriting: Pat Pennock

Gary Holmes Shield - Best exhibit. Photography: Wilson Neil

Jackson / Cowley CUP - Local Children’s Classes: Gabrielle

Reg Harvey’s Cup- Roses: A Palmer

T.D. Bowes Rose Bowl - Sweet Peas: D Smith

M.J. Sims Cup - Local Flowers: Jnet Morton

Jack Bowes Memorial Trophy - Dahlias: Janet Morton

Desmond Cup - Potatoes: B Stockdale

Bert Thompson Memorial Cup - Potatoes: B Stockdale

John Young Cup - Vegetables: B Stockdale

Pearson Cup - Farm Produce: Jon Appleton

D. & R.Cussons Trophy - Hay: Chris Harrison-Bradley

James Hodgson Memorial Cup - Stick Classes: J S Elston

Andrew Pinder Shield - Champion Rabbit: Double Dee Stud

Barry Pnder Cup - Best Child’s Rabbit: Bailey Thistleton

Decaward Trophy - Best Foxhound: Steve Russell

G.T. Thornton Cup- Best Fellhound: Carole Crane

Bob Istead Shield - Best Hound Puppy: Bob Istead

Perrett Young Tankard - Champion Terrier: Bob Gibson

Jon Greetham Memorial Trophy - Gundog Scurry: Mr & Mrs McCormick

Wedgewood Trophy - 1st Hound Trail: D & A Dale

Dynamo Trophy - 2°11. Hound Trail E: R Bell

Ryedale District Council Cup - Best Tractor exhibit: A Yeoman & Son

Main results


Any Pedigree Heiffer, any weight: Hall & Richardson

Butchers Heifer Any Breed over 500kg: Hall & Richardson

A pair of Beef animals – must have been entered in a previous class: Hall & RichardsonBeef Calf shown by child under 16yr: A Moon

Dairy Heifer Calf shown by child under 16 yrs: Kerry Harper


Mare or Gelding 4 yrs or over, over 15.2 h.h: A Howell

Small Mare or Gelding 4yrs. Or over, over 14.214.2 h.h. & under 15.2 h.h: J Latham

Retrained Racehorse: A Webster


Ridden Coloured. Open: J Latham

Ridden Mountain & Moorland. Open: Glenda Gosling

Ridden Veteran over 15yrs: J Latham

In hand Veteran over 15yrs: L Thompson


Barren Mare 3 yrs. & over: F W Richardson & Sons

Best Brood Mare with Foal at Foot: F W Richardson & Son

Best Carting Foal: F W Richardson & Son

Yearling Colt, Gelding or Filly: F W Richardson & Sons

Single Heavy Horse in Plough Gear: K Carter

Matching Pair: R F Pearson

Best Plaited: F W Richardson & Sons

Best Ridden Heavy Horse: D Sandilands


Under 18 yrs. Smartest Turnout: A Potter

Lead Rein Pony. Rider 8 yrs & under: A Potter

Pony not exceeding 13.2 h.h. Rider any age: F Knowles

Pony not exceeding 14.2 h.h. Rider any age: S J Gospel


Miniature Shetland Pony: S Carveth

Standard Shetland Pony: C Jackson

Welsh Mountain Section A: J Smith

Small Breeds other than Shetland, & Welsh Section A: F Knowles

Large Breeds: S J Gospel

Coloured Horse 3 yrs & under: S Throup

Coloured Horse 4 yrs. & over: Caroline Thomson

Pony Brood Mare with Foal or Stinted: S Smith

Pony, Colt or Filly Foal: C Crowe & K Dixon

Pony Yearling: J Smith

Pony 2 or 3 year old: J Carveth

Fancy Dress on Horseback or Driven: R and E Barraclough



Tup Lamb: R Sellars

Shearling Ram: G J & K C Allison

Aged Ram: G J & K C Allison

Gimmer Lamb: G J & H C Allison

Gimmer Shearling: G J & HC Allison

Ewe suckled Lamb 2019: A & L Fawbert

Group of Four: G J & H C Allison

Sheep owned by a Small Breeder under 25 years of age: Tyler Thompson


Gimmer Lamb: R J Myers

Pair of Gimmer Lambs: R J Myers

Gimmer Shearling: M B Alan

Pair of Mule Gimmer Shearlings: M B Alan

Any other Cross Breed Female: M B Alan


Tup Lamb: R J Myer

Gimmer Lamb: R J Myers

Tup. Any age: R J Myers

Ewe. Any age: K N Adams


Tup Lamb: J Floyd

Gimmer lamb: J Floyd

Shearling or Aged Ram: J Floyd

Ewe. Any age: R & J Myers

Sheep owned by Small Breeder under 25 yrs: R & J Myers


Terminal Sire: M & B Allen

2 Lambs for Butchering Purposes: M B Allen

2 Gimmer or Wether Lambs. First cross from Swaledale or Scot Ewe: M B Allen

Local Fat Lambs: L Doughty


Primitive Male: S Jarvis

Primitive Female: J Arrowsmith

Non Primitive male lamb: L Burgess

Non Primitive Aged Ram: T Arrowsmith

Non Primitive Female Lamb: L Burgess

Non Primitive Aged Ewe: T Arrowsmith

Group of not more than 4: J Hawkhead


Child 5 yrs & under: P Pesterfield

Child 6 – 10 yrs: E Gwillam

Child 11-15 yrs: L Gwillam



Small White Loaf: C Milledge

Small Brown Loaf: C Milledge

Traybake (Not Brownies): L MacRitchie

Fruit Scones: T Johnston

Cheese Scones: E Wilson

Plain Chocolate Cake: R Simpson

Lemon Drizzle Cake: J C Cockerill

Fruit Loaf: J C Cockerill

Ginger Biscuits: A Moran

Fatless Sponge Cake: K Booth

Victoria Sandwich Cake: E Wilson

Shortbread Fingers: H Nicholson

Traditional Recipe Queen Cakes: M Eden

Savoury Flan. Shortcrust Pastry: R Sims

Cherry Loaf: J C Cockerill

Chocolate Brownies: E Wilson

Plate of 4 different savoury items suitable for a finger buffet: C McCusker

Men Only. Muffins: N Croft-Smith

Men only. Cake of own choice. No decoration: E Wilson


White Hen eggs: S Dent

Brown Hen eggs: D Cooper

Blue or Green Hen eggs: S Dent

Bantam eggs: I Wessels


A piece of Handmade Jewellery: H Whelan

Any Fancy Article – Soft material: S Minns

Cushion: Sue Minns

Doll dressed in a Homemade Outfit: C Milledge

A needle felt animal: S Minns

Framed Cross stitch: L Walters

Any other Framed Needlework: P Taylor

Any fancy article – Crochet work: S Minns

Knitted Garment – Baby up to 18 months: M Swannick

Knitted Garment. Child 2 – 6 yrs: M Eden

Knitted Garment. Adult: M Humble

Doorstep. Any material: S Minns

Any useful article: S Minns

Best Knitted Soft Toy: M Swannick

Patchwork: J Morton

Christening: S Drew

Male birthday: E Cox

Article. Any craft not scheduled: S Minns


Small bottle of named Non alcoholic Drink: F Husband

4 Eccles Cakes: F Husband

Teabread: F Husband

Article from a yard of material: L Pickett


Raspberry Jam: Jennifer Black

Strawberry Jam: J C Cockerill

Blackcurrant Jam: S Tyrell

Jam. Any other variety: C Milledge

Jelly: S Sims

Marmalade: E Gillies

Lemon Curd: J Harland

Chutney: C Milledge

Pickled Vegetables: M Neil


White / Rose , Dry or Sweet: J McCusker

Red Wine. Dry or Sweet: J McCusker

Damson Gin: Judith Staples

Sloe Gin: S J Gospel

Liqueur – Any other variety: S J Gospel


Seed Cake: K Seddon

Kilner Jar of Bottled Fruit: K Seddon

4 Fresh Flower Card celebrating Updale W.I. 80th Anniversary: J C Cockerill

Any article from 1 or 2 socks: J Morton


5 yrs. & under. A cheese and pineapple hedgehog: P Pesterfield

6 – 8 yrs. A plate of 4 different savoury nibbles: CWarmington

16 yrs & under A plate of 4 small apple tarts: E Hambley

16 yrs & under. Savoury Flan: E Hambley


Pencil, Pen & Ink, Line & Wash, Pastel: K Botton

Picture. Any other medium: B Hutchins

Water Colour Painting: L Blackburne

Oil Painting / Acrylic: SWilson

Papier Mache Bowl. Style of Gillies Jones Glass Design: C Fletcher

Handwriting: Pat Pennock

A Short Story: L Blackburne


Sleeping Beauty: Ba Hurst

A Local Dale: Mary Appleton

Summertime Fun: J Black

A special day: W Neil

In the forest: J Henderson

I can see a rainbow: D Oakey

Children. 15 yrs. & under. A picture using snapchat filters: R Shotton


Reception & Under. Handwriting. Mini beast poem: Bea

Reception & Under. Painting. Monsters: Jake

Reception & Under. Collage. My favourite story: E Crouzieres

Reception & Under. Model mini beast any media: Jake

Yrs. 1 & 2. Handwriting. Sea Poem: E Gwilliam

Yrs. 1 & 2. Painting. A Storm: Ruby May

Yrs. 1 & 2. Collage. Under the sea: Ruby May

Yrs. 1 & 2. Model. Mythical Beast: India

Yrs. 3 & 4. Handwriting. A flower/flowers poem: Heidi

Yrs. 3 & 4. Painting. The sea: Gabrielle

Yrs. 3 & 4. Drawing. Water: Freddie Leat Smith

Yrs. 3 & 4. Model Book in a Box: Gabrielle

Yrs. 5 & 6. Handwriting. Water Poem: L Gwilliam

Yrs. 5 & 6. Painting. Water: L Gwilliam

Yrs. 5 & 6. Drawing. The sea: L Daley

Yrs. 5 & 6. Model. Sailing: L Daley

Pebble Art Picture. 12 – 15 yrs: L Hickson

Photograph of your favourite place. 12 – 15 yrs: L Hickson

Garden Flower arrangement. 11 yrs. & under: E Crouzieres

Garden Flower arrangement in a novelty container. 12 – 15 yrs: LMorris


Gent’s Buttonhole: P Seller

Lady’s Spray: P Pennock

Asters: B Teasdale

Roses: A Palmer

Miniature flower Arrangement: R Simpson

Decorative Dahlias: D Smith

Cactus Dahlias: D Smith

Pom Pom Dahlias: M Cossins

Rose – Scent only: A Palmer

Pansies or Violas: A Palmer

Ideal Miniature Garden: R Simpson

Sweet Peas: D Smith

Lavender: A Long

Marigolds: M Cossins


Dahlias: J Morton

Roses: L Westwood

Pansies: J Morton

Bowl of Mixed Flowers: J Morton


Flowering Plant:A Palmer

Foliage Plant: J Walby

Cactus Plant or succulent: MHumble

Orchid: A Palmer


Straw Eschallots: J Humble

Lettuce: B Stockdale

Cauliflower: J R Simpson

Rhubarb: J Cousins

Broad Beans: P L Sanderson

Peas: Joel Brookfield

Long Carrots: B Stockdale

Tomatoes: H Walby

Vegetable Marrow: B Stockdale

Cherry Tomatoes: H Walby

Kidney Beans: F Husband

Runner Beans: D Smith

Dressed Red Eschallots: B Stockdale

Courgettes: M Kershaw

Onions with Tops: J Brookfield

Dressed Winter Onions: B Stockdale

Onions grown from bulb: B Stockdale

Globe Beetroot: B Stockdale

Long Beetroot: B Stockdale

Single vegetable not classified: A Coatsworth

J R Simpson

Green Cabbage: J R Simpson

Cucumber: F Husband

3 Varieties Potatoes: B Stockdale

Round Potatoes: B Stockdale

Kidney Potatoes: B Stockdale

1 Vegetable & 1 Bloom: D Smith

1 Fruit & 1 Bloom: M Coussins

3 Varieties Herbs: B Stockdale

Longest Stick Rhubarb – best condition: S



Onions as Grown: P Midgley

Courgettes: L Lammish

Tomatoes: P Midgley

Potatoes: J Wood

Single Stem any flower: P Midgley


2 Fodder Beet: J Appleton

6 Farmer’s Potatoes: D Bradshaw

Winter Barley: H Marshall

Wheat: C Harrison Bradley

Winter Barley: H Marshall

Spring Barley: D Bradshaw

White Oats: J Foster

Hay: C Harrison Bradley

Silage: C Elvidge


Any variety Stick: J S Elston

Any Variety Shepherd’s Crook: J S Elston

Any Variety Thumb Stick: J S Elston

Stick any Variety for novice: Steve Minns


Animal from Recycled Material: S Wilson

Animal made from wood: S Minns

V1 Best Tractor pre 1960: A Yeoman

V2 Best Tractor Post 1960: A Yeoman

V3 Most Original Tractor: R Milestone