THE early sale of breeding sheep took place in Malton on Friday and was well attended with 2,170 head of stock forward.

There was good competition for all classes of stock. However, the trade overall for Suffolk x shearlings was a little back on last year, but trade for the Texel x shearlings was better than last year.

The judge Richard Clifford of Sledmere Farms had the difficult task of placing the outstanding pens of breeding sheep but placed as follows.

Best Pen of Suffolk x Gimmer Shearlings

1st B Meadley, Skeffing, sold for £155; 2nd W Clubley & Sons, Middleton, sold for £160; 3rd MC Hawkswell, Foston, sold for £164.

Best Pen of Suffolk x Mule Gimmer Shearlings

1st FA Burton & Son, Cottam, sold for £135; 2nd W Dixon, Cabourne; 3rd Thornton Park estates.

Best Pen of Continental Gimmer Shearlings

1st WH Clubley, Middleton, sold for £180; 2nd Thornton Park Estates, sold for £154; 3rd RW Twiddle OBE, sold for £170.

Best Pen of Ewe Lambs

1st R Carver, Weaverthorpe, sold for £72; 2nd Champion Ram Charollais shearling Ram from DR Whitcher, Whenby, Sold for £505.

Reserve Champion Ram

Charollais shearling Ram from DR Whitcher, Whenby sold for £420.

Forward 2,299 breeding sheep and store lambs. Suffolk x Ewes to £140, LG Gray & Son, Wold Newton, Av £105. Suffolk x Gimmer Shearlings to £164, MC Hawkeswell, Foston / WH Clubley, Av £148. Suffolk x Mule Gimmer Shearlings to £135, FA Burton & Son, Cottam, Av £137. Texel x Gimmer Shearlings to £180, WH Clubley, Middleton, Av £140. Texel Gimmer Lambs to £72, M Carver, Weaverthorpe; Texel x Store Lambs to £66, R Carver, MA Hammond, Langdale End; MV Accredited Suffolk Shearling Rams to £346, AE Lacey, Hovingham; MV Accredited Texel Shearling Rams to £535, PB Fox & Son, Elvington; MV Accredited Charollais Shearling Rams to £515, DR Whitcher, Whenby; Texel x shearlings wait their turn at Malton.