THIS year’s charity for Malton Show was the Farming Community Network (FCN).

FCN is a voluntary organisation which supports farmers and their families within the farming community through difficult time. It was chosen by president Charles Brader.

Helen Benson, the Yorkshire co-ordinator for FCN, said they were delighted to be nominated as this year’s show charity.

“We are thrilled to bits, it is a great privilege,” she said.

Set up in 1995, FCN helps members of the farming community deal with issues such as financial difficulties, tenancies, financial difficulties and mental health. “We are a national organisation and our group of around 30 volunteers covers the whole of Yorkshire,” she said.

“Our core work is supporting farmers and their families who can often be very isolated. There can be a lot of uncertainty working in the farming industry as it is very weather dependant.

“Farmers also often live and work in the same place so there is no getting away from issues and it can be difficult knowing who to turn to to talk about problems.”

Helen said FCN volunteers were there to support people for as long as they were needed.

“It could be weeks, months or even years that we are there alongside anyone who needs us. Farms are often passed on from generation to generation so it can be difficult to find anyone to talk to outside the family,” she said.

The FCN relies solely on donations and grants and Helen recently raised £4,000 for the charity by driving around Yorkshire on a 1968 tractor.

“We are delighted to be the chosen charity at this year’s Malton Show. It is great opportunity to raise our profile and highlight the work we do,” she added.

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