BUYERS and sellers flocked to Malton market for the primestock show and


It took place on Tuesday, December 4: Forward 91 cattle including 24 bulls 57 clean and 10 cows 746 sheep, including 531 lambs and 214 ewes light steers to 144.5p D J Duggleby Driffield ave 120.19p medium steers to 270.5p N Marwood Harome ave 225.46p heavy steers to 263.5p N Marwood ave 223.52p light heifers to 218.5p D R Brotherton Whitwell medium heifers to 339.5p J R Gardiner Carnaby ave 244.01p heavy heifers to 278.5p D R Jackson Carnaby ave 261.1p light bulls to 169.5p J Backhouse Suffield Hill medum bulls to 220.5p P A & I Beal Settrington ave 191.97p heavy bulls to 227.5p J & A M Craggs Ebberston ave 207.55p Cows to 141.5p G Pickering Goathland ave 97.2p standard lambs to 190p £74 R I Webb Cherry Burton ave 181.32p light lambs to 252p £106 M Ward Great Habton ave 192.69p medium lambs to 226p £106 C H Foxton Ness ave 176.21p heavy lambs to 229p £128 C H Foxton unclassified lambs to 206p £78 T Lund Frodingham ave 175.01p ewes to £132 P R Wilkinson Pennyholme ave £78.22.

Judges Peter Hogg of Fletchers Butchers, Norton, had an extremely difficult task in selecting the champion beast and Paul Nicholson, master butcher, had a similar task in the sheep section among some of the finest stock seen in Malton for some time.

Champion Beast in Show and winner of Major A P Cooper Trophy and the winner of the Dennis Goodwill Memorial Trophy JR Gardiner Limited Carnaby 550kg Limousin 339.5p to A Kitson Hutton Rudby Reserve Champion and winner of the W A Cundall Perpetual Challenge Trophy DR Jackson Carnaby 600kg 251.5p R Pearson Bradford Reserve N Marwood Harome 263.5p R Pearson Bradford Champion homebred beast in Show and winner of Frank Beal Memorial Trophy C FBeal Yedingham 262.5p J A Jewitt Meats Reserve Champion homebred beast Morley Bros Fylingdales 232.5p J A Jewitt Champoin butchers bull and winner of RFH Stephenson Trophy J and A M Craggs Ebberston 2nd Morley Bros 221.5p R Pearson Bradford 3rd G & Simpson Gillamoor 221.5p R Pearson Bradford Best Butchers Steer light G I Marwood Harome 261.5p J A Jewitt Best Butchers Steer medium D R Jackson Carnaby 251.5p R Pearson Bradford 2nd N Marwood Harome 263.5p R Pearson Bradford 3rd J R Gardiner Limited 245.5p R Pearson Bradford Butchers Heifer light J R Gardiner Ltd Carnaby 339.5p A Kitson Hutton Rudby 2nd N Marwood Harome 273.5p A Kitson Hutton Rudby 3rd J & R Waind Brawby 259.5p Worsley Butchers Liversedge Best Butchers Heifer heavy 1st and Reserve Champion heifer in Show D R Jackson Carnaby 278.5p A Kitson Hutton Rudby 2nd N Marwood Harome 265.5p Worsley Butchers Liversedge 3rd N Marwood Harome 271.5p A Kitson Hutton Rudby Best OTM 1st M & J E Dowson Driffield 173.5p Worsley Butchers Liversedge 2nd M A Hammond Ebberston 134.5p D Barker East Ayton 3rd G Pickering Goathland 141.5p D Barker East Ayton Supreme Champion Butchers Lambs 1st R W Twiddle Withdrawn, Reserve Champion C H Foxton Ness £128 Glaves Butchers Brompton Best Pen Light Lambs M Ward & Son Great Habton £106 H Bennison Whitby 2nd Mrs K Hodsman Eddlethorpe £96 J B Fitton Limited Shaw 3rd M and J E Dowson Driffield £94 J B Fitton Best pen medium lambs 1st R W Twiddle Knapton Withdrawn, 2nd C H Foxton Ness £106 Glaves Butchers Brompton 3rd M Ward and Son Great Habton £97 Yorkshire Halal Keighley Best Pen heavy lambs C H Foxton Ness £128 Glaves Butchers Brompton 2nd C H Foxton Ness £99 S Voase Withernwick 3rd R W Twiddle Knapton £108 Withdrawn Best Ewes M D Medd Sawdon £120 H Bennison Whitby 2nd J R Thompson Oswaldkirk £116 Yorkshire Halal Keighley 3rd F Marshall Harpham £126 H Bennison Whitby.