A FARMING student has launched his own business selling rare breeds of bird - including ducks and chickens like Vlad, the Light Sussex cockerel.

Entrepreneur Ollie Thomson is combining his studies at Askham Bryan College with breeding, selling and showing poultry in his final year of his foundation degree.

Ollie, from York, has about 100 birds including Indian Runner ducks, Peking Bantams and Welsummer chickens, and he has helped customers from all over the country.

He said: “It's a great way of combining a hobby with also making some money.

“Farming has always been in my head even though I'm not from a farming family. I think it's ever since I got a toy farm when I was a kid."

He said he has managed to get lots of practical experience, adding: "The course is great, and I am thinking of applying to train as a lecturer, the staff here are the salt of the earth, so keen to help and approachable."