“LIFE After Brexit” will be a key theme at this year’s Great Yorkshire Show.

One debate around the topic will aim to help attendees understand, discuss and deliberate how leaving the European Union (EU) is going to impact them and their business in terms of cash flow, subsidy provision, cost of labour and commodity prices.

Hosted by land, property and business consultancy George F White, the panel debate will focus on the financial support available to farmers and landowners following the EU exit.

The debaters will be Geoff Hall, regional director at Lloyds Bank, John Lund, a livestock farmer, Tom Bayston, an arable farmer and owner of Park Lodge Shooting School, as well as Simon Britton and Miles Crossley from the consultancy who will explain why alternative income streams need to be a key priority for the sector.

Talking ahead of the Great Yorkshire Show, Simon Britton, partner at George F White, said: “It’s clear now that there is a significant change in farm subsidies on the horizon and for many it could be substantially reduced.

“Mr George Eustice, the Minister of State for Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, recently described his vision for post-Brexit agricultural policy within the UK as a ‘change in mind set for farmers’.

“The Minister stated that he saw new policy as ‘rewarding and incentivising farmers for what they do, and not subsidising them for income lost’ and indicated that the government will still seek to support farmers, not based on the amount of land they own, but by rewarding them for helping the environment, water quality and to changes in husbandry; ultimately making more productive working practices.

“This is a fundamental change to our industry and will significantly impact farm businesses.

“The purpose of our debate, and the main aim of our farm consultancy team moving forwards, is to prepare our client’s businesses for the impact of the changes that will face us, as an industry, over the next few years.

“It’s going to be a somewhat lively and energetic debate, so please join us if you can.”

The debate will take place in the George F White stand at 11am on Wednesday, July 11.