A TALK about turtle doves and how people can encourage them is to take place on Thursday, February 22.

The birds are known to form strong pair bonds, and consequently have long been associated with Valentine's day.

However, their populations are in trouble, due to changing farming practices and the vast numbers of migrating birds shot in Malta each year.

The North York Moors has begun a project to help encourage these birds.

As part of this, Richard Baines, turtle dove officer with the North York Moors National Park, will be speaking at Newton-on-Rawcliffe Village Hall on Thursday, February 22 at 7.30pm.

He will show a selection of photos of these birds and share advice on how residents can help them in and around the village.

The talk is free to attend, refreshments will provided - and there will also be an opportunity to win a free birdwatching tour of the National Park.