A SPECIAL June show and sale of fine Yorkshire primestock has taken place in Malton.

An exceptional quality show of cattle and sheep were judged by Andrew Radford, Sleights, and G Marson, Nafferton. Forward 89 cattle, including 20 bulls, 55 clean and 14 OTM, 711 sheep, including 595 lambs, 17 hoggs and 99 ewes. Champion Beast in Show J & R Waind, Brawby, 600kg 335p Radfords Butchers, Sleights, Reserve C F Beal, Yedingham, 274p Radfords Butchers, Sleights, Best Butchers Bull M D Medd, Sawdon, 220p R Pearson, Bradford, 2nd J M Craggs, Ebberston, 220p R Pearson, Bradford, 3rd J M Craggs, Ebberston, 217p Agars Butchers, Ilkley, lightweight steers 1st R and E Hall, Cranswick, 248p Pennys Butchers, Rawdon, 2nd N Marwood, Harome, 244p W I Armitage 3rd Morley Brothers, Fylingdales 221p W I Armitage, heavy steers 1st Rebecca Richardson, Yedingham, 238p Worsley Butchers, Liversedge, 2nd N Marwood, Harome, 245p Radfords Butchers, Sleights, 3rd J R Gardiner Ltd, Carnaby, 255p A Kitson, Hutton Rudby, lightweight hefiers 1st C F Beal 274p Radfords Butchers, Sleights, 2nd GRP Mason 243p Worsley Butchers, Liversedge, 3rd J and R Waind 260p Agars Butchers, Ilkley, heavy heifer 1st J and R Waind, Brawby, 335p Radfords Butchers, Sleights, 2nd J and R Gardiner Ltd 270p Worsley Butchers, Liversedge, 3rd N Marwood, Harome, 304p A Kitson, Hutton Rudby, Cows 1st S B Wells, Burton Fleming, 144p Cleveland Meat 2nd S B Wells, Burton Fleming, 145p Cleveland Meat 3rd Ryton Beef 139p Cleveland Meat Champion Lambs G D Warters, Flixton, £125 Glaves Butchers, Brompton, 2nd Sleightholme Farm Partnership £98 Atkinson Livestock 3rd D Whittaker, Marishes, £101 M and C Meats, Leeds, medium lambs 1st D Whitaker, Marishes, £112 Glaves Butchers 3rd M J and M Wear, Cranswick, £105 Glaves Butcher heavy lambs 1st D Whitaker, Marishe,s £114 Agars Butchers, Ilkley, 2nd D Rendle, Ryton, £106 Agars Butchers, Ilkley, 3rd M J and M Wear £111 Cleveland Meats, Stockton. Light steers to 247.5p R and E Hall, Cranswick, ave 201.12p medium steers to 254.5p J R Gardiner, Carnaby, ave 226.74p heavy steers to 249.5p N Marwood, Harome, ave 219.64p light heifers to 253.5p GE and RGP Mason, West Heslerton, ave 250.5p medium heifers to 279.5p J and R Waind, Brawby, ave 238.97p heavy heifers to 334.5p J & R Waind, Brawby, ave 255.69p light bulls to 199.5p Crescent Grange Pigs, Grange Farm, ave 187.85p medium bulls to 226.5p R H Mason, Wold Newton, ave 211.22p heavy bulls to 224.5p DJ and SA Beal, Yedingham, ave 213.94p Cows to 144.5p S B Wells, Burton Fleming, ave 123.55p medium hoggs to 167p M and J E Dowson, Driffield, ave 166.67p heavy hoggs to 145p K Wheldon Woodlands Farm ave 136.78p light lambs to 243p £92 R H Green, Pickering, ave 218.58p medium lambs to 305p £125 G D Warters, Flixton, ave 223.11p heavy lambs to 248p £116 S D Whitaker ave 221.72p Ewes to £119 G D Waters, Flixton, ave £78.86.