CEDARBARN Farm Shop is celebrating the return of freshly picked asparagus by using its miniature railway to collect the crop.

The award-winning farm shop, which celebrates its 10th anniversary this May, grows 1.5 acres of Yorkshire asparagus every year, and uses their Victorian style miniature railway to collect the crop each morning.

The Cedarbarn Express train track is 600m long and takes in all of Cedarbarn’s most popular crops, meaning visitors can stop off to pick their own strawberries, gooseberries, raspberries, and blackcurrants when in season.

Owner and farmer Karl Avison said: We’ve been growing asparagus for 15 years and we’re very proud of our Yorkshire crop. Every morning we head out to harvest the Cedarbarn asparagus, which is one of the sweetest varieties you can taste. We harvest very early every morning and the fresh stems are in our farm shop and kitchen first thing. You don’t get fresher than that”

For more information go towww.cedarbarnfarmshop.co.uk