Malton market: February 7

Forward 59 cattle including 6 bulls 40 clean and 13 OTMs 972 sheep including 760 hoggs and 212 ewes medium steers to 183.5p K Deighton Brandsburton ave 182.52p heavy steers to 227.5p MD Medd Cote Head Farm Sawdon ave 210.49p light heifers to 258.5p N Marwood Harome ave 224.37p medium heifers to 257.5p J R Gardiner Carnaby ave 226.37p heavy heifers to 245.5p G I Marwood Harome ave 208.66p medium bulls to 220.5p A Swales Melbourne heavy bulls to 227.5p Cows to 146.5pp S B Wells Burton Fleming ave 122.05p light hoggs to 189p R W Harrison Thorpe Bassett ave 167.14p medium hoggs to 191p M Ward Great Habton ave 160.05p heavy hoggs to 155p I & S Davison ave 147.05p Ewes to £92 M D Medd Sawdon ave £63.58p

Malton market: February 14

Forward 53 cattle including 38 clean 5 bulls and 10 OTM 1093 sheep 858 hoggs and 235 ewes light steers to 245.5p DD and P Barns Yapham ave 217.87p medium steers to 213.5p DB and SR Wass Sinnington ave 203.63p heavy steers to 211.5p C Foster Houndales ave 202.59p light steers to 257.5p G I Marwood Harome ave 201.96p medium steers to 252.5p J & R Waind Brawby ave 216.36p heavy heifers to 236.5p G I Marwood Harome ave 212.5p medium bulls to 216.5p T F W Morley Fylingdales ave 201.88p heavy bulls to 206.5p TJ and S Maw Thornton ave 197.21p Cows to 115.5p I D Watson Fadmoor ave 101.84p standard hoggs to 158p £58.50 P W Pool Malton ave 158.11p light hoggs to 227p £100 M Ward Great Habton ave 175.7p medium hoggs to 191p £92.50 M Ward Great Habton ave 161.85p heavy hoggs to 177p £101 T G Warriner Pickering ave 151.35p Ewes to £95 Sleightholme Dale Farm ave £53.82