THREE riders from Scarborough have brought home rosettes after a successful trip to Lincolnshire.

Lauren McNichol, Steph Else and Sophia Edgar travelled down to the Equine Sports four-day UK Championships at Arena UK, Grantham at the beginning of August.

Between them, the riders had qualified in a range of dressage and jumping classes.

Lauren McNichol, riding Patrick, won the Prelim Dressage Championship and was second in the Novice Dressage Championship.

Steph Else, riding Dylan, was the most consistent pair, being placed in every class they qualified for - including third in the 85 and 95cm show jumping.

Sophia Edgar, riding Patch, was first in the Intro Dressage competition.

The riders said they had a “fabulous time” and were rewarded for their efforts with rosettes, sashes, rugs, "numnahs" and prize money.

They are already planning a return visit next year.

The Shearwater Equine Sports UK Grassroots Championships are the UK’s biggest unaffiliated championships.