SUNDAY saw a show jumping competition held at Manor Farm, Thornthorpe, near Malton.

Winners' prizes were sponsored by Robinsons of Malton.

A full list of results is as follows:

Junior 70cm
1st  Faye Bamford - Zarnia 
2nd  Lara Evans - Drummer
3rd  Nicole Barnes - Brian
4th  Izzy Camacho - Pebbles
5th  Emily Grayson - Rosie
6th  Jane Hamilton - Rosie

Senior 70cm
1st  Tor  Robson - Gizmo
2nd  Belle Warrington - Nos
3rd  Deborah Kay - Holly
4th  Rachel  Newton - Pinot

Junior 75cm
1st Jane Hamilton - Rosie
2nd  Katie Hamilton - Fairy
3rd  Lara Evans - Drummer
4th  Thomas Easterby - Lucky

Senior 75cm
1st  Amanda Roberts - Magic 
2nd  Lottie Farrow - Harley
3rd  Anthea Thompson - Ewan
4th  Allyson Simpson - Max
5th  Carrie Pillow - Faye
6th  Sophie Phillips - Gyasi

Junior 80cm
1st  Jane Hamilton - Rosie 
2nd  Katie Hamilton - Fairy
3rd  Charlotte Thompson - George
4th  Ellie Evans - Golden Laura
5th  Faye Bamford - Zarnia

Senior 80cm
1st  Charlotte Hutchinson - Nugget
2nd  Stacey Thompson - Harbour
3rd  Jenney Panton - Rico
4th  Sophie Phillips - Can U Catcher
5th  Rachel Newton - Premier Ambitions
6th  Pauline Robertson - Toby Twist

Junior 85cm
1st Ellie Evans - Golden Laura 
2nd  Charlotte Thompson - George
3rd  Katie Hamilton - Fairy

Senior 85cm
1st  Vicky Sellars - Marbles 
2nd  Vicky Sellars - Connie
3rd  Sophie Phillips - Can U Catcher
4th  Claire Spencer - Zephyr
5th Courtney Barker - Daisy
6th Kate Musgrave - Larry

1st  Lily Spencer - Zephyr
2nd  Kelsi  Langley - Daphne
3rd  Sam Anderson - Louie
4th  Vicky Sellars - Connie
5th  Kate Musgrave - Larry
6th  Erin Woodhead - Calisca

1st  Jack Teal - Alfie
2nd  Kate Musgrave - Charlie
3rd  Lily Spencer - Zephyr
4th  Kelsi Langley - Daphne