FRIARS Hill Stables held their 'shoot and show jump' competition on Sunday, March 12.

There was a shoot element in which competitors had to shoot a distance of seven metres, along with a show jumping element in which there was a course of jumps which had an optimum time allowed. 

There were three classes to choose from with a maximum of two classes per competitor maximum. 

All of those taking part had to have done at least a minimum of four shoot training classes here at Friars Hill to be eligible to compete.

The results were:

55cm class
1st - Charlotte Beal & Blaze
2nd - Alfie Leat-Smith & Sam 
3rd - Jeanette Fitzgerald & Lulu
4th - Anna Stephenson & Ozzie
5th - Sarah Newlove & Scarlet 
6th - Alice Cooke & Bandit

70cm class
1st - Charlotte Beal & Blaze
2nd - Fiona Hardman & Grey
3rd - Imo Simpson & Summer 
4th - Scarlett Rooke & Fisher Hill Boy 
5th - Charli Parker & Eric 
6th - Eleanor Clarke & Basil 

85cm class
1st - Steph Else & Dylan 
2nd - Alice Jeffery & Ever So Clever 
3rd - Charli Parker & Eric 
4th - Fiona Hardman & Grey
5th - Georgina Rooke & Bellindene Fergal

A stables spokesperson said: "What a great day we had yesterday.

"Congratulations to all of you who took part and showed commitment to the training sessions.

"We do hope to run another Shoot & Show Jumping Competiton in June - with more shoot training sessions available in the time before this."