Port Royal are keeping up a steady flow of competitions with plenty going on in the run up the Christmas, with competitors turning out en masse while the weather is still holding up.

Local event rider, Emma Corner from Norton, had her two eventing horses out on top form, using the prelim one as a warm up gaining a third on Rio and a fifth on Eddie, then Eddie competing in his first ever novice test went on to win with a superb 73.03% just narrowly beating Rio by one and a half percent.

Emma is spending the winter preparing her two horses for the 2015 campaign, Rio who has been out competing at novice level BE (British Eventing) and Edmonton Els a five year old she bought in June has proven to be a fast learner who has had two top ten placings in the BE 100 classes and is now aimed at competing in the six year old championship to be held at Osberton Park next year.

Emma and her horses are sponsored by Robinsons Equestrian and Rainbow Vets in Malton, Emma said “I am really grateful to them both for their continued support, along with my team from behind the scenes who all make it possible for me to compete alongside a full time job”.

Katie Stephens Grandy is another local event rider from West Heslerton, keeping her horses in fine form with a first and second in the prelim 4. Katie will be keeping up her practice in readiness for the riding clubs dressage championships at Hartpury, in which she qualified as part of a team with Malton riding club.

Results as follows from 7th December;

Intro B – 1 Sarah Robinson & Greenfield Splash, 2 Alex Hughes & Indie.

Intro 1 – 1 Jennie Scott & Annie, 2 Emily Macvarish & Archie.

Prelim 1 – 1 Rachel Craggs & Troy, 2 Lucy Jordan & Ronnie, 3 Emma Corner & Rio, 4 Rachael Smith & Bentley, 5 Emma Corner & Eddie, 6 Jayne Hawley & Woodcock Ryan.

Prelim 3 – 1 Lucy Jordan & Ronnie, 2 Gemma Clark & Holly’s Beauty, 3 Jayne Hawley & Woodcock Ryan, 4 Rachel Craggs & Troy, 5 Alex Hughes & Indie, 6 Anna Root & Red Hot Tilly.

Novice 27 – 1 Emma Corner & Eddie, 2 Emma Corner & Rio, 3 Claire Jackson & Twiggy, 4 Sharon Hague & Emerson Swift, 5 Charlotte Ross & Clawde Greengrass, 6 Isobel Mannings & Anna.

Novice 30 – 1 Isobel Mannings & Landolin, 2 Helen Fitton & Leonardo, 3 Sharon Hague & Emerson Swift, 4 Claire Jackson & Twiggy, 5 Isobel Mannings & Anna.

Results from 14th December;

Prelim 4 – 1 Katie Stephens Grandy & Smurf, 2 Katie Stephens Grandy & Mr Music, 3 Lucy Jordan & Ronnie, 4 Emma Thompson & Cunesca B, 5 Linda Gibson & Ishka.

Prelim 3 – 1 Louisa Taylor & First Edition, 2 Kate Betteridge & Bonus, 3 Katrina Fletcher & Cavalier Flight, 4 Emma Thompson & Cunesca B, 5 Heather Willis & Inya House.

Novice 27 – 1 Polly Anne Robinson & Frankie Boy of Danthorpe, 2 Angela Burrows & Abstract Folly, 3 Linda Gibson & Ishka, 4 Phillipa McMullan & Barbie’s Delight, 5 Sam Jimmison & Bonus, 6 Kate Wilkinson & Balinmore Rebel Brigadier.


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