A PICKERING bakeware supply company has saved the day for a theatre production in need of a rocket to send a cat to the moon.

Throughout its 10 years in business Invicta Bakeware has had many challenging commissions but never one to supply tins to build a space rocket.

The bakeware manufacturer answered the pleas of The Georgian Theatre Royal in Richmond who needed to build a rocket for the Puss in Boots pantomime.

In the story the feline hero lives in a windmill where his owners bake cakes for a living so it was only fitting that the rocket he uses to get to the moon should be made out of cake and bread tins.

John Waddinton, Invicta's managing director said that he was thrilled to have been able to help the show to go on.

He said: "We were delighted to come to the aid of the theatre. We have made cake tins for all occasions but this is definitely a first. It is however, quite fitting that one of the UK's oldest bakeware manufacturers should team up with the UK's oldest working theatre, after all, the show must go on."

The Georgian Theatre Royal said that they were grateful to Invicta Bakeware for their generous donation.