STUDENTS at Malton School will be able to see their design ideas come to life thanks to the donation of a local business.

The Design and Technology department at the school has been fundraising for a number of years to buy a laser cutter which would help pupils improve their enjoyment of the subject and prepare them for a potential career in design and manufacturing.

Mark Whitaker, head of technology, said contributions from the school endowment governors had also been made towards the final cost with Malton Laser, based in Showfield Lane, sponsoring the shortfall.

"The laser cutter will revolutionise the way many projects are delivered with increased speeds and high levels of quality and detail achievable in practical work," he added.

"The students can design products on the computer and see their ideas come to life in a variety of woods, plastics, cards and papers.

Mr Whitaker said: "Professional outcomes and an understanding of commercial production methods will help students improve their enjoyment of the subject and prepare them for a potential career in design and manufacturing.

"We are very grateful to Malton Laser for their help."

Charles Corner, managing director of Malton Laser said they were delighted to help the school invest in laser.

"When the school called me we were just going to the process of buying a new laser ourselves, a 4KW fibre laser from Switzerland with the list price of over half a million.

"With such charge amount of expenditure it was hard to find the extra money to help the school, however since our new machine has been commissioned it's impact on the company has been substantial. "

Mr Corner said: "With cutting speeds three times faster and using only a third of the energy, It was not long after that I was able to give the school a call with the good news, that we were now able to support the purchase of the laser for the school.

He added: "I very much look forward to Mark and the Malton School students visiting Malton Laser soon to see our laser and our processes.

"Maybe in the future Malton School students will pursue careers in the laser cutting world, if they do I would very happy to hear from them, hopefully to offer advice and opportunities."

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