THE lads proved just why we have been champions two out of the last three years with their performance to beat Warwickshire by an innings.

Ben Coad was outstanding with the ball again, putting it in an area where if it does a bit he's going to cause batsmen a lot of trouble. The others chipped in around him as we bounced back brilliantly from the Hampshire defeat.

In terms of team morale after that game, you honestly wouldn't have known we had been beaten. We had a meeting at Headingley last Wednesday and said we'd played good cricket for the majority of the game.

Our experienced lads talked about where we had gone wrong before quickly putting it to bed. That's what you've got to do when you lose – not overthink it too much. Thankfully, it all came together at Edgbaston.

When I say the morale is good within the squad, maybe I should qualify that as perhaps the older lads are feeling a bit down at the moment.

We all enjoy each other's company, having a laugh and a bit of banter, and a big part of that is our morning football match before a day's play. It's Youngies v Oldies – Yorkshire's version of El Classico!

Well, the Youngies have made a flying start to the new season – played seven, won five. We are on for an invincible campaign.

Jared Warner is our gaffer and Andrew Hodd is theirs and Jaz has certainly been getting into their heads. It even got to the stage where Hoddy had appraisals with his players on Saturday to try and revive them, but we won the next day 2-1.

It seems as though they're reasonably happy because they think they're improving – but we keep saying 'you can't be happy with losses'.

We've got Jack Leaning (son of former professional goalkeeper Andy), who's a proper player. Dave Willey's also up and down that left wing like you wouldn't believe.

Then there's Peter Handscomb. We reckon he's the best overseas player we've had in terms of a footballer. He does the simple stuff well – tracks back and has a good touch.

We had Adil Rashid and Dave back with us to face Warwickshire at Edgbaston, with Jonny Bairstow and Joe Root returning to face Hampshire this weekend.

Because it happens every season now and again, the other lads accept there will be times when you lose your spot and it is not always a bad thing.

Being able to refresh players and give them a week off or a week of less pressure in the seconds, being able to work on a part of your game, can be really healthy.

I was ready and fine to play at Edgbaston if selected. If I'm being honest though, 100 per cent confidence in my ability to be at my best wasn't quite there.

But having bowled 40 overs last week, added to the ones I'll bowl in the seconds this week against Gloucestershire, I'm stepping it up. Touch wood, I'll be in the squad for Friday, knocking on the door and pushing the lads.

I'm loving being around the first team. Every day at some point I think 'How lucky am I to be doing this as a job and be around some of my heroes from growing up?'

Spending time getting to know them is fantastic. It's not always cricket, it's life lessons – what they've learnt travelling around the world.

It's weird to think that last year I had school but now it's my job. I can purely think about what I need to do to improve my batting or bowling, rather than worrying about having to hand in a piece of work tomorrow.

I want to finish by wishing all league players, particularly my two brothers, all the best for the new league season, which starts this weekend. Adam is captain again at Sheriff Hutton Bridge and they have a tough start against last year's champions Harrogate.

I don't think I'll play too much this season. It's important to stay fresh and have a day off with your feet up every now and again. That's a part of my game I need to work on because I love it so much and can sometimes get caught up in it too much.

If I do play, it will be for the Yorkshire Academy. Ian Dews is not letting me out of his sight in that regard and I might have to wait until next year to get the odd game for Bridge.