JOHN RULE consolidated his third place in the Pickering Individual Horseshoe Darts League with a solid 4-0 victory over Terry Harper in the opening match of the night.

Billy Hague then started off at a fast pace, opening with a 140 followed by a 121 in an opening 19-dart leg against Al Hodgson. He kept the pressure on, hitting a 20 and then an 18-darter in a 4-0 victory.

Kevin Wilson put an end to Steve Colley’s good run, winning 4-0 with a best leg of 22 darts, including a 100 plus a 121.

Steve Taylor maintained the pressure at the top of the league table with an impressive 4-0 victory against Harper, his best leg of 18 darts including a maximum 180 and an 87 finish.

Hodgson hit some form in taking a 3-0 lead against Wilson, who gained some comfort with a 21-dart last leg, hitting three 100s along the way.

Rule hit the wrong double for a 110 finish in the opening leg, allowing Hague to take the leg.

Rule hit back to lead 2-1 with a 21-darter including a 100 and a 140.

Hague levelled with a fine 17-darter, hitting two 140s and a 100.