REGULATIONS are now available for the MEM Malton Forest Rally.

Malton Motor Club are offering competitors six challenging stages over 40 miles in Langdale, Gale Rigg and Cropton forests on Sunday, November 2, with rally headquarters at Adderstone Field in Dalby Forest.

The event has been permitted to use schedule timing on a trial basis by the MSA, so crews who breakdown or are unable to complete a stage will be allowed to rejoin later stages.

This year’s event is the 2014 Inter Association Rally as well as being a counting round for the Motoscope Northern Historic Championship, the Threshfield Garage Ravenol Oil Midgley Motor Cars ANCC Stage Rally Championship, the SG Petch ANECCC Stage Rally Championship, the Sheffield Rolling Road EMAMC Multi Venue Stage Rally Championship and the Roadrunner Phoenix Awards ANEMMC Stage Rally Championship. Historic cars will run at the front of the field.

Online entries are available and preferred by organisers. Regulations are now on the motor club’s website

Requests for paper versions of the regulations should be made to entries secretary Andy Smith at 6 Normanby Road, Northallerton, DL7 8RW or by emailing